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Gig de-ranked from 1st page I think I have got the reason

I hope you all are doing great in this pandemic time.
I am a level 2 seller. My top selling gig was ranked on the first page for years and many days ago it got de-ranked. Earlier when anyone did search “Photoshop Editing” also few other keywords, my gig was come on the 1st page in search results but nowadays even when I search it with my complete title it does show at the very last pages in search results of my gig’s title.

It seems like an error but I don’t think CS will consider it an error so let us also discuss it by seeing other reasons. So after searching a lot of past threads about this issue and reading many comments and analyzing my own account, again and again, I reach to this point that in last 60 days my cancellations are 14, from which 6 were initiated by my side, 2 were initiated by buyer’s side and 6 were initiated by the CS (the ones which were initiated by the CS, there were not my fault in any of them and they probably have not effected my account negatively).

What do you people think? These 8 orders might be the reason behind this de-ranking? My competitors are still ranked so if I stop worrying and start thinking and analyzing logically then I think there is no issue of SEO or relevance and the issue is cancellations. So if this is the reason then would getting orders from my repeat buyers and ratings would help me improve this or it would only improve if I do not do cancellations in the next 60 days.

It also has happened with me in the past but it automatically comes back but this time many days have been passed but still, I am de-ranked and then I did all the research. If you think there can be any other reason behind this or any other suggestions for me then please let me know. I would highly appreciate your comments on this discussion.

PS: The orders which I initiated or buyer initiated were mutually canceled. I always do my best to prevent cancellation but there are some orders which have to be cancel because sometimes buyer placed direct order without contacting first and they do not even know the possibilities of the required work so we have to end up with cancellation

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Yes, I do think that a seller’s gig placement in part depends on the number of cancellations they have. That may be because many sellers in the past would cancel to avoid a poor rating. So, now cancellations count against us to keep our level, and I think they also affect our gig placement in the search pages.


Yes I normally cancel the order to avoid poor rating. I also do try my best to prevent order cancellation by providing extra work without any extra amount but sometimes some orders have to be canceled, we do not have any other option. So these are those orders. But where these orders get canceled there on the other hand I also completed many orders.

There might be one other reason too, there was a directly placed order which was started on 28th of May and I delivered on the same date and buyer asked for the revision and I asked them something but after that, they did not respond me and it had been passed 20 days and then I asked CS to cancel my this order and they did it cancel but they also understood that buyer was unresponsive but the algorithm might not have understood this and algorithm may just have understood that this person took a long time to revise an order whether I was waiting to their reply to finalize the revise the delivery.

So my question is, do you think that as this order was in revision state for the 20+ days, can it be the reason for de-ranking my gig? Does the algorithm note this thing? If yes then it can be the reason for de-ranking because the algorithm might think that this seller is taking too long for revision but in actual the buyer was not responsive.

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Hi @sunnykingkoh,

I’m a believer that depending on the circumstances surrounding when you checked, where you checked from, and a wide range of other factors - your page ranking appearance can change. Personally, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Checking it won’t improve it, and the only thing you can really do is just continue to deliver great service!

I hope this helps. :smile:

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Yes I am doing my best.
Thank you!

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Are both type of cancellations same to affect gig rankings?
I mean, the cancellations initiated from Seller and cancellations initiated from Buyer have the same ranking factor?


Both have same effect on the orders completion rate but if we talk about the ranking factor then algorithm might see these as 2 different things. I normally prefer to initiate cancellation from my side.

How do you do that? What’s the process to cancel the order from Seller side?
And is there a way, I can restrict a direct buy with no discussion?

You can do this after opening the specific order page and there when you will click on the “visit the resolution center” button on the right side then you will have an option there “ask the buyer to cancel this order”.


No, you can not prevent a buyer from ordering one of your gigs without discussion. Fiverr is based on gigs being offered where the buyer merely has to place an order and wait for it to be delivered.

Yes, both affect your stats as you must maintain a 90% order completion rate to keep your seller level or move on to the next level.

As for if one affects your ranking more than the other, only the Fiverr algorithm knows that.

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I am also currently facing this issue. My gig was on the first page with major keywords. And even having badge of Fiverr’s Choice few days ago. But suddenly it disappears and threw back to the last in searches. I didn’t do anything which is against Fiverr’s Policy nor I received any Negative Rating. Just I updated the Price Packages few days ago. What do you think can it be a reason behind this? Please update me with your experience.

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Is it really affect on gig ranking? Are you really Sure brother?

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Yeah This same thing happened to me today. I don’t have any negative review and all the stats are 99% or above but still my GIG is which is on 1st page for “whiteboard animation” keyword- DEMOTED TO Page-2. Idk why I didn’t even change anything.

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@organicseoleads Yes the price change can be the reason as well but I see many people are facing very abnormal things nowadays.

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@niloybanik6837 I am not sure, brother. I just think that this can be the reason, I am sharing my thoughts with you people.

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@whiteboard_007 According to my assessment, shuffling of the 1st page ranked gig between the rows and columns of first page and even sometime it go to second page but also come back to the first page. Don’t worry, this is not a big problem. The big problem is for people like me who were doing well and their gigs were also ranked but suddenly many of them’s gigs disappeared and also many sellers’ gigs went to the very last.

It seems that there is some problem with the system because even if I search my gig with my complete title and also with my seller level badge and online sellers filter, it shows on the very last page. It should show on the first in results as before when I put this much filters and complete title of my gig in the search. So, I am feeling that something is going wrong with the algorithm.

When I search under Relavance for photoshop editing I see your gig in the first row last gig. Then when I looked again it was in the first row first gig.

Are you aware that your gig placement will be different every time someone besides you looks for it? A few of our fellow Forum members discovered this. You can red about it in this post.

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Wow!! Really? :star_struck:
No, I was not aware of this but I had some thoughts about this because sometimes my gig was not even showing to me in the search results but still in those times I receive messages or orders but very few and I thought maybe it would be showing under some other keyword about which I even do not know but would be ranked and maybe people would reaching to me by searching from those keywords.

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