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GIG De-Ranking without any reason

Need Expert Opinion and Suggestions
I am here to know and also want you to know about me that what happened to me. My GIG was performing very very well till 31 September. After 31 September My GIG De-Ranked without any reason. I contact CS and told me that this automatically processes we can not do anything and he told me the reason which will impact my GIG Ranking. Like On-Time Delivery, Order Completion, Response Time, And positive rating and I have all these very good. Like my response rate is 100%, Order Completion 100%, On-Time deliver till 31 September was 96 and now it’s 98, And the positive rating is 5 already happened one time before but that time it ranked again automatically. Now this time again I think there may Glitch it will fix soon but this time it did not rank again till now. Although I did not change anything on my gig. I don’t have Bad Review/ Feedback on my GIG. I am a level 2 seller and completed more than 100+ orders on my gig. do you think it is fair to me?


None of those things means you stay where you are in the rankings.

That’s not how algorithms work and it wouldn’t be good for Fiverr if that’s how they ranked people.

You don’t need expert help. You need to research the forum and learn how marketplaces and algorithms work.


i got reply after contacting them that these factors can de rank your gig

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I didn’t say they can’t. You’ve misunderstood me.

I’m saying that just because those factors don’t change or they are great, they doesn’t mean you stay where you are. That’s not how algorithms work.


When did September gain a day! LOL

It is not uncommon for people’s Gigs to lose ranking. Also, 96% on time delivery, while within the parameters to keep your Level, is perhaps not as good as your competitor who has 100% across the board.



When someone complete work more than from you. Then their gigs increase ranking. That time your gigs down. It’s a simple process.

i completed 43 order and i know 3 people who rank on same page and they completed only 17 to 21

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and SORRY Its on 31 October not September, i complete 43 orders in October

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I don’t know. But I want to know.

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