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Gig deadlines are now up to 90 days

I was preparing a custom offer for a regular and when I was trying to select the delivery time, I saw this:

Apparently there’s no more 30-day limit, now it’s triple that.

I just work in the Writing section so it migth be category-limited, but I assume it’s Fiverr-wide.

I didn’t see any topic on this, so I thought might as well create one for people that don’t know about it yet.


It for all due to subscription option.

Maybe, but you can create a non-subscription custom offer for 90 days too.

No, I meant they increased for all because of the addition to the system of subscribe thinghy.

Easier to copy paste code to have same in all :wink:

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They said it’s in beta testing (I asked them about it and the 30 day limit in the TOS). They said:

The 90-day delivery right now is only for select services and is in Beta testing right now, which is why our Terms of Service have yet to be updated. If it does become something permanent that we are able to offer on the Fiverr platform, then you will also see the update on the Terms of Service.

Though the subscription option allows subscriptions for 3 or 6 months according to help whereas this gig deadline now only goes up to 90 days/3 months.


See this one: