Gig Declined


I requested a gig because I need help editing a novel I wrote. There is a certain part of the story that just feels like filler, and I don’t know what to do. Am I paranoid and it really DOESN’T read like filler? Should I take it out of the book? If so, what kind of material should I replace it with? (I want to maintain the same word count.)

So the point of my request was not for someone to edit the entire novel, but to just help me out with that one section. In order to do that, they have to read the whole book.

I talked with a seller AT GREAT LENGTH before buying a gig from him. I made sure he understood how much he had to read, and that he didn’t necessarily have to write anything new. I would handle the new material; all he had to do was tell me his thoughts on that one section.

And then yesterday I get a request for mutual cancellation. His reasoning? "I don’t feel comfortable doing what was asked. This wasn’t really appropriate for me."

I figured there was no point in arguing over the cancellation. What point would there be in paying someone who didn’t want to do the work? They would take my money but then do a crappy job. So I said I agreed to the cancelling. I tried sending a message saying, “You and I talked about what was needed EXTENSIVELY before I ordered.” But I guess when you cancel a gig, any messages you send them don’t go through.

I feel like cancelling was the only way to go, but I am still bummed that I got no help.


You were paying him just $5.00 to read pretty much a whole book? 0_o


While I understand your frustration--I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that you are glad they cancelled, opposed to doing a poor job.

Sometimes a gig is simply not a good fit for the seller. Maybe it was on a topic they were not familiar with, or maybe it was more work than they realized when they saw it in full.

Don't give up on Fiverr--there are a lot of quality sellers here!


Reply to @ryangillam: I agree with you. Although the original poster didn’t specify how much her order amounted to (it could have been a large order based on the size of the entire book to be read), paying someone only $5 to read an entire book is kind of insulting to the seller’s time and efforts. Fiverr isn’t a sweatshop (or it’s not supposed to be). I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable with that situation, either, if the order only amounted to $5. But it also kind of sounds like the seller had agreed to it beforehand. If so, they’re totally selling themselves short!


I don’t think a buyer would say he was “uncomfortable” because he wasn’t getting paid enough to read a book. I am assuming the buyer paid more than $5, but I think there is more to the story. Maybe the buyer was “uncomfortable” due to the book’s content, if it was adult, etc.


Reply to @alliemadison12: Good point. Who knows what the real reason was?


Reply to @ryangillam: I don’t recall saying anywhere that I asked him to read it for $5. I DID say that I talked with him at great length before ordering. And even if I did pay him only $5, that would have been simply because it was the price he agreed to. To focus on just that part is to completely miss the point of my post.


Reply to @nickih: Again, I never said anything about how much I paid the seller. I clearly said I discussed everything with him beforehand. That included payment.


Reply to @alliemadison12: It was not an adult book. And in any event, my point is if you want to cancel because of content, say so. Don’t be a wimp and give some fake, lame reason.


There was a similar thread to this yesterday, not sure if you’re the same person.

What I think has happened here is the seller has just decided he doesn’t want to or can’t be bothered to read your book. I think this because it happens to me sometimes - I talk to a buyer over message and tell them its all good. Although when I get the actual order and they give me the work to do, some can be unexpected and I have to cancel (mostly due to the work being worth way more than $5). I think the seller was just trying to get out of it.

wcman1976 said: "I don't feel comfortable doing what was asked. This wasn't really appropriate for me."

This is a bit strange I've got to say. He either found the book inappropriate or just is trying to broadly say he can't be bothered. My money's on the latter.


Reply to @wcman1976: Well, since no information was provided by the original poster regarding the book’s content, length or delivery time (other than the fact that the seller simply changed his mind), I guess everyone was left to speculate.


Reply to @nickih: So it is better to speculate than just ask? If anyone had asked, i would have answered that I paid him more than $5.

There was a remark above that said it would be insulting to ask someone to read an entire novel for $5. Well, it’s also pretty insulting to assume that someone you don’t know would do that.

And besides, the price wasn’t the point of this post. The point was to discuss the seller wanting to cancel and saying it “wasn’t appropriate” for him even though he KNEW what would be involved way ahead of time.


Wow. I feel like I really understand why the seller simply changed his mind now.