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Gig deleted after 4 months up with no explanation, 10 days no answer from Fiverr

I had a customer point out that my gig was showing up…my most popular gig. I was wondering why the previous 3 days were slower. My gig was just denied after being up for 4 months. I didn’t receive any notification, haven’t changed any of the wording recently, had any major issues with customers nor given the opportunity to alter it to fix whatever might be wrong. I don’t even know why it was denied.

Insult to injury, I report it to Fiverr and 10 days later…nothing. Not “we’re working on it”, “we’re back logged”…give me something! Anyone else have this issue? Up till this point I was just playing around while I was down on maternity but had made level 2 seller and this just took the wind right out of my sails.

Done pouting :frowning:

Previously they ask for modification the gigs but now they are deleting the gigs without give proper reason. This happens with me also. I have already create a ticket but no response yet.

Seriously? No support is the part that really miffs me. Plus the gig has been active with almost 200 orders and they just randomly delete. I lost over 100 positive reviews and the steady stream of orders

Support has been taking more time to answer recently, but according to many users, they do get to it eventually, and they do help.

What was your gig for ?

It probably had an illegal brand name, if you have the word “Amazon” on your gig title or description, chances are it will get removed.