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Gig deleted and flagged

I was selling “I will create ads for social media”. I recently uploaded a video so I can attract more clients. In that video I used images from a website and according to that website everything is copyright free. And I used free music in the background. But Fiverr deleted my gig and also flagged my account. I am sure it is because of the video but everything was copyright free so how can they do this.

Should I ask from support department. Will they gonna cooperate with me?
And should I create my ads gig again ???

They are copyright free but you have to give credits to the website, owner of images/audio/video, mention their link, etc according to their terms and condition.

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Thank you so much but i used music from youtube library. and what is the guarantee if I mention that website in my video, Fiverr will not gonna delete my gig. Because they deleted it automatically. I uploaded the video and in the next minute they flagged my account. My second question was should I create my gig again ? I mean creating ads is legal to sell right ?

Yes, you can create another gig but be aware of using copyright medias because couple of warnings can lead to account deletion. Also, you can contact service center stating about your gig deletion. If you’re so sure about the medias you used were copyright free, they can give you an insight on why it was flagged.

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Check this out:

Also, take time to read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

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Thank you for guiding me. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing the important links.

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It would be better to contact Customer Support first, ask them what was the issue, send them everything you plan to put into your gig, and ask them if it’s all right to create that gig.

Generally speaking, yes, but if the gig was removed, it’s best not to create it again without knowing why it was removed, otherwise you risk getting banned.

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