Gig deleted issue


Hi experts,

Recently my one gig has been denied. I can’t understand properly for what. any buyer had to report? that gig was 7 review with 5 star. Please help me.

I have included Fiverr Email below.


Fiverr must have asked you to edit your gig and make respective changes , you failed to make the changes according to there needs so they deleted the gig , for more information contact the customer support .


They didn’t mention clearly what will I edit ?


Reply to @rajibfci:

What service was your deleted gig offering? Did you copy text from a more successful gig hosted by someone else? Were you using someone else’s gig photo? Were you trying to sell social media likes or followers?


Reply to @jonbaas:

My gig was about “social media likes and followers”. Is it harmful for anybody or fiverr? I have used unique photo. Is it prohibited to sell likes on fiverr? Please help me.


Reply to @rajibfci: Fiverr is in the process of getting rid of those types of gigs because they do violate other websites’ terms and agreements.


Reply to @rajibfci:

Yes, it is prohibited. Selling social media likes and followers is against the rules of social media sites, as well as Fiverr. If this was the case, Fiverr was well within their rights to delete your gig.

In the future, please read the rules of this site, and make sure your gigs do not break those rules.