Gig deleted. Selling for $5 custom order and gig extra


Hi everyone, Precious here.
I wanted to offer you my premium gig for $5. (usually $60).
I have had some amazing customers. I deliver my keyword research and so much more that has helped a ton of people. My reviews are on my homepage here. I am the real deal. You see my gig was deleted due to my gig extra. I was offering Facebook likes and Twitter followers and Fiverr did not like that. Instead of deleting the gig extra. They deleted the entire gig and I have to start from scratch. The new gig has no reviews and I am very last in the Fiverr search. Would anyone be interested in this offer? I, of course, will give plenty of extras. :slightly_smiling_face: . If anyone could help, I would really appreciate this.
This is my new gig here.
I made a personalized video of myself too.
And please, just shoot me a message, so I can send you the $5 custom offer.




Hi Precious,

I am sorry to hear that your best-gig is gone, but as far as I know, Fiverr don’t allow gigs that are with third parties especially gigs that offer Youtube views, facebook likes or followers. In most cases both parties (fb and fiverr) consider this as a robot and not a real fans.

About your new gig, I really recommend you to use buyer request time by time and see if there is any task which you can apply, if you can’t order at least you can take impressions and views, and by them… maybe someone will click at Heart (to save your gig at Favorites) for the future shopping. Here in forum you can’t find so many buyers.



Hi there! Thank you so much for your advice. I just realized that my question wasn’t deleted. My title just had deleted in it.
Do you know if impressions raise only from those who are actual sellers on Fiverr or impressions can come from anywhere? and What about clicks and views? Do they have to be Fiverr users or can they just be from organic search.


when your gigs are in search results or in recommended then you can get impressions and there is good chances to have new orders if your services are good.


Okay, good advice. Also, what if you look through 20 results of pages, but your gig isn’t there? but was there yesterday?
What does that mean?


Is it doing some sort of Fiverr dance on me? lol