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Gig deleted this morning!


Hi, I am fairly new to fiverr, I have been active for just about 29 days -30 days I have completed 10 orders and 9 with 5 stars, however, I have not yet been promoted to level 1, also one of my gigs was deleted today which I have gotten three orders from and the buyers wants more. I am a bit confused!!


What was the deleted gig offering please?


Submit a ticket to Customer Support.


Whiteboard explainer or 2D explainer


they said that third party thought it was misleading


Did you use any brand names in your description or anything like that?


not that I can recall


Seems strange - perhaps as @saddu_writer suggests, you could contact CS and get some advice about what was wrong? Good luck!


I have done three sales for one buyer on it and that buyer wants to do more business, what Are my options?


Do keep us posted! Sorry that happened.


I contacted them, so I am waiting, but in the interim it’s pretty frustrating.


Thank, have done so, my problem is the buyer wants to do more business, what is the best thing to do in this case/


send custom offer of another gig.


You could create a gig which is general like “I will carry out your request that we discussed” for the buyer or simply have them order on a custom offer for another gig with the details clearly laid out.


I thought about it, hopefully that wont be an issue 2,


Simply send them a custom offer just like @saddu_writer suggested and kindly explain the unexpected event that happened. I wish you the best of luck!


thanks, one quick question, I have also just completed 10 orders, with nine orders 5 star, how long before are you promoted to level 1 …?


Truthfully, I had a similar instance with you, It took me a little longer way back when since they were a smaller company several years back :wink:

I suggest waiting several more weeks before sending a message to CS


ok, I thought it was an automated process…:confused:


It is, according to CS. Though I wasn’t completely aware of it being that way at that time. Funny thing is a few days later I became Level One :wink: