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Gig deleted

I accidentally deleted my gig. I can make a new gig but the problem is that all my rating is lost. Is there some way to get back the previous gig.

I just wonder how can they allow deletion without any confirmation message…this should be fixed immediately.

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Reply to @freendirtcheap: ?

Good point

Still not fixed! :C

They deleted one of mine too…The one with real samples and reviews (15 reviews or so). Sucks. Fiverr is not doing a good job with this.

Reply to @florywright: without deleting it by yourself?

My gig has been removed by Fiverr (definitely not me). It was a great gig with great reviews. One of (if not the only) genuine organic SoundCloud promotion gigs. No bots or click farms.

This really is an awful experience, and I can’t even get in contact urgently. There’s no number or anything. I just have to sit and wait 2 o 3 days (or maybe more). I just don’t know what to do and why it has happened. I was complaining about certain things, including the 5 star rating system, and an unfair rating being left the other day, but surely they wouldn’t do it out of spite…?

This is just adding to my discomforts on here. I was loving it at first and progressing well, but it just goes to show it can all be snatched from you in an instant.

If this is resolved I’ll fairly update it on here.

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There are a number of reasons why a gig is removed or restricted.

Best to try to be patient, they will let you know; and yes there is a backlog, and patience is appreciated.

The linkedin compliance team recently complained to fiverr and forced fiverr to remove a bunch of gigs selling linkedin help/lists of LiON Networkers.