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Gig delivered how do I mark complete

ok I got my first gig and have completed it , where do I mark gig complete? I looked in the sale and I find nothing.



The buyer will mark it complete.

and if they do not?


Just send a friendly reminder saying “If you are happy with my work please complete the order, if not please get in touch.” and if neither things happen it will automatically complete.

Im a buyer how do I close a project that has been completed?


Urgh, fiverr user interface is really frustrating. difficult to navigate to important stuff. Fragglesrock is much more easy to use. Please review if current model is working for buyers

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I can’t find the button to mark the order as complete - I am the buyer and now it’s showing as very late even though it was delivered on time. It looks like my only option is to cancel the order which I don’t want to do because it was delivered! I just can’t mark it as done. Please help!


Look under SHOPPING > My Shopping. You see columns and a drop down. Is the delivery there? Possibly waiting for your review?

I’m a buyer and the delivered my order so I want to mark it compete and pay the seller. I can’t find out how to do it - seems ridiculously hard. Why don’t fiverr have a big button saying ‘complete order’???

I’m new to Fiverr and I couldn’t find where to say ‘OK I’ll buy this gig’…why do we have to resort to a forum to find answers to buying a gig?? I have a complaint too, I’m a buyer, but WHY does the poor seller have to wait FOURTEEN day for payment?? I’m in the UK and we can make internet transfers instantly, and I’m guessing it’s the same all over. Perhaps Fiverr could explain, seems grossly unfair to me, and I’d question this if I was a seller.

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I ordered a gig it was suppose to show result in 10 days but now 10 days are over no result as described in gig and seller also not responding he deactivated his account also. I paid 47$ for this can I still get my money back.

Hi,I am new in fiverr. I just delivered my gig order & got review. But don’t know how to publish this in GIG image? Can anyone tell me. Since I’m asking lot of people, no one answered.

Reply to @kjblynx: I had a Buyer replying to me (Seller) this: “I don’t want my name anywhere so I can’t review”… what to do here as a Seller ? Thank you kjblynx.

Reply to @zoprix: Yes. If you actually placed an order with a specific seller and that seller no longer exists, just go to the Customer Support page, open a ticket by clicking on the hyperlink in the upper right corner and explain clearly and concisely what your problem is. They will refund the money to your Fiverr account so you can buy a service from another seller.

Reply to @kjblynx: I was worried that the buyer would cancel the order since it was new, no picture, no ratings, thanks.

Reply to @kjblynx: Excellent, thanks for the advice. Sorry to ask you this here, but: Do you know if there is a way to ban a Buyer from buying you again? I had a buyer and delivered everything as expected and got a 4.5 star rating (communication and would recommend 4.5) and the comment was positive. I got from 100% to 99% just because of that rating.

Well this sorta sucks. I wasn’t expecting to wait 3 days to complete it (which seems simple but isn’t) and as the buyer - I wish the supplier to be paid sooner than 14-days … That’s a little nuts.

Please,contact with customer support. They can help you best.

Hi. I am a seller. I have delivered an order but after final delivery the buyer is not responding to my messages.
How can I mark the order complete?
Will I still get paid for this?
It’s a big project and I do not want my delivered work to be used and not get paid.
Thank you

@ralucacristinav If the Buyer is unresponsive or doesn’t mark the order complete. No worries, the order will auto-complete in (3) days. Your funds will then be held for (14) days clearance time before you can withdraw the funds.

Thank you for your reply. Very helpful as I am e new user I am not familiarised with everything yet

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