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Gig Delivered On Time - Showing As 'Never Delivered"

Not really a rant - but definitely a bone of contention.

I successfully delivered a job, after handling a revision request, well within the delivery date. For some reason it is showing that the Gig was never delivered.

Seeing as how I don’t have that many completed gigs, this is drastically affecting my ‘Completion Rate.’

How can I get this corrected???

Thank you,


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Hello Frank,

try to open a ticket for the fiverr support, they will have a look:

Hope this helps

Hi Frank,

Are you 100% certain that you used the ‘Deliver Now’ button within the order to deliver your final work, as opposed to attaching the files in a message?

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Hi. Ticket Submitted.

Thank you.



In looking at the page it appears that for some reason Fiverr would not let me deliver the job through the system. Might have been an image size issue. I see where I supplied a Dropbox link for the client to download the file. :frowning:


I see - do you know if you submitted this link using the Deliver button? Or did you write it as a message? It may sound like I’m being picky, but if you didn’t use the ‘Deliver Now’ button, then this is your issue.

It appears that I put it in a message. I concur that based on that, it is ‘my’ issue, but does that mean that there can’t be some consideration given for an honest mistake?

It’s not a big deal, but it wouldn’t be a big deal to make an adjustment in my account, either.


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My response wasn’t intended to be accusatory, merely trying to establish whether this was a bug (which could impact everyone) or a user error. When I said “this is your issue”, it was meant in more of a ‘we’ve figured out the problem’ rather than a ‘it’s YOUR problem’. That’s the joys of typing I’m afraid, sometimes the tone gets lost.

As you’ve said, it’s a user error, which means that you don’t need to raise any tickets, and that there’s no worry of this impacting other users.

As for the adjustment being made to your account, you would have to ask Customer Support about this. My experience with the platform is that they either won’t or can’t do this. It can’t hurt to ask, if that’s what you’d like to do, I just wouldn’t hold your breath.

If I were you, I would deliver the files (if you haven’t already done so) using the Delivery Button to remove the order from your queue, and chalk this one up to experience. The only impact this will have on your profile is a late delivery, and that statistic will resolve itself in time anyway.

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Hi. Got it. No offense, taken. Just frustrated, is all. lol

We learn by our mistakes and we’re never too old to learn.

I will follow your suggestions. Thanks for your assistance.



Hello Frank, if that is a possible issue you will face again, let me make a suggestion. Always deliver some kind of a file when you make a delivery to avoid what is called an “empty delivery”. It could be a picture, or a document.

You also could consult with customer support, and tell them your deliveries will usually be a link to dropbox, and ask if they have any suggestions as to how you can avoid the appearance of not making a delivery, or having some files the system will not accept.

Hi. Doubt I will ever face that, again, but if I do, I’m at least versed in how to handle the situation.

Thank you. - Frank

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