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Gig "delivered" without any content. What can I do?

I received a project as “delivered” but it didn’t contain anything. I contacted the seller and there has been no response even though they are online. The deliver date expired yesterday.

What can I do?


If the seller is not responding then you have to open a ticket at customer support

You can click that you “do not accept the delvery” or click the “request revision” button or whatever it’s called. Like has been said you can also contact support.

Thanks for the reply. Where do I do that?

When you are at your dashboard page you can scroll down and see there is contact support under the heading support.

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Thank you. I really want fiverr to work, such a shame that there are people out there trying to take advantage

Please, for the sake of the marketplace report the seller to customer support, regardless of whether they deliver or not.

No one should be doing this in the first place.

They will receive a warning, which I think is only fair.

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I have done, thanks Frank