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Gig delivery time displays wrong

My gig delivery time on my gig page (that buyers see) for my write an article gig says 7 days when I selected 4 days from the list originally, and it seems to display 7 days whatever number I choose from the list.

Anyone else had this problem?

That is your ‘estimated’ delivery time. If it has been 7 days in the past it will stay at 7 for a while. If you have been late numerous times then again it will stay at 7 until you get an average delivery time of three days.

Ok thanks, I just wanted to change the delivery time for it.

Hi :slight_smile:

I have the same issue today

A few days ago I have set one of my gig’s delivery time to 6 days but on the gig page it shows ‘average 8 days’. I just edited the gig and set it to 5 days, a test to see if it would change. But still, it shows 8 days.

I have never had it to 8 days before. But 3 weeks ago I had changed the delivery time to 18 days as I had one buyer who ordered a huge voiceover project. When that was delivered 1 week ago, I changed the delivery time to normal again (6 days).

I do not want to contact customer support right away for such a small issue before I try to see if… someone on the forum might have a idea what could be done to fix that

Anyone knows?


Reply to @ryangillam:

Hi, I take advantage of your experience and ask you to please have a look at my comment below. Hopefully you might have a idea :slight_smile:

That’s because you delivered a gig in 18 days. The time limit averages itself out.

Well, that is strange since a huge order doesn’t happen everyday. Imagine if someone delivers all the time in 1 day and then one buyer shows up with big project that needs to be done in 20 days.

If it is not visible to potential buyers, what is the use for a seller to fill in the gig duration box in how many days he/she will deliver?

I just had a look at one of your gigs ryangillam and it shows average delivery in 19 days. I suppose this is the issue in your case too. That can possibly drive some buyers away for the wrong reason. I think that is worth mentioning in the forums suggestion box.

Reply to @ryangillam: thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: