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Gig Demotion after late delivery

I hope you guys are in good health and staying safe. I want to draw your attention to the following matter:

It was about a month ago, when I got infected with COVID-19, despite that I tried my best to deliver orders on the time, in fact, I delivered all the orders in my queue except for one order that remains in my queue for a long time because the requirements were not clear enough for me, so that order was kept in revision for almost 26 days and then I deliver it, the buyer was not satisfied with the scope of work which I did so he placed a mutual cancellation order request and we cancelled that order. It was not either my fault nor his, because the thing which he was demanding was actually not possible. So in this regard, can you correct the completion rate that is lowered down because of that order.

From then , my gig has been demoted to the lowest page, my order delivery time and order completion is continuously decreasing on a daily basis. I have worked hard for almost a year to reach the position where I was, I never had a review other than 5 in my whole journey.

But now my gig is not even on the first 10 pages, I am getting orders only from my past or referral clients. But to be honest it is very heart-breaking for me to see my gig not there. I just want to know how can I get my place back. I currently have only 3 orders from my past clients in my queue. What can I do to get my gig ranked on the first page again? I am feeling very disappointed at the moment any suggestions will be a great help to me.


That might be one of the causes for a gig dropping to last pages. There seems to be many of them. And there’s no clear way to get it back to where it was. Mine dropped after just editing my gig, one after another all gigs dropping straight after editing. And that was sometime last year. No improvements still, even if all stats are 100% for months and gigs edited to perfection keyword etc.-wise.

So join the many of us who are in the same situation, and keep experimenting on different things, and let us know if you see any improvements after trying something out :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Stay safe!

Ok Repeat after me “I must avoid canceling orders in Fiverr”.
Trust me! I’ve been on this for 5 years! It is the worst that can happen, it is better to offer new things or negotiate with the client. But canceling on Fiverr (whatever the reason) is losing!
You will surely lower the level you had and it will take about 3 months to recover it.

Lesson learned?

once again: Ok Repeat after me “I must avoid canceling orders in Fiverr”.

over time everything recovers! of course, if you don’t cancel orders again…