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GIG DENIAL, i do not know why


Hi ladies and gentlemen, my gigs have been denied time and time now , what could be done to get my gig stable? Help me please!!!


No idea I’m afraid - what kind of gigs were you offering?

You’ve got an external profile link on your profile which isn’t allowed - perhaps that doesn’t help?


which link is that

and where is it


The link ending in crevado dot com on your profile.

All external links must be on the list at the bottom of this page:


Without knowing what your gig was for or what it said we have no way of knowing how to advise you.


Didn’t you get an email or a notification telling you why?


i got but still did not understand it either.


it was a designer gig logo flyer brochure


What exactly did the reason say?


So, what did it say? We can’t try to figure out what it meant if you don’t tell us what it said.