Gig Denials


I have just had two gigs denied for copyright violation but have done nothing wrong. One gig has been up for weeks and the other one was fine until I added a video

What is going on!!!

I have messaged Fiverr and the gig page says Video denied but I make my own videos and use garageband music if I use music so I really have no idea what is going on here!!!

Help please

Best regards



Not sure about the gigs but the video could be denied if it was

  • poor in quality
  • more than 1 minute

Could those be any of the issues?


I believe that copyright violation claims don’t come directly from Fiverr. Somebody else might have reported your gigs.
It could be that Fiverr reviewed your gigs when the video was added, but the infringement is somewhere else (the product you sell, the images…).
I’d contact CS and ask them.


Thanks Guys - it has now been resolved. Someone at Udemy was a little over enthusiastic and marked me for copyright violation when I had not violated any copyright - all the stuff was my own. Gigs have now been reinstated after a few emails. At least both Udemy and Fiverr support responded and sorted it out! Appreciate your comments!