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Gig Denied after 5 years


Guys, Fiverr, I am just puzzled on what happened. I had this gig on Fiverr for more than 5 years, sold hundreds of it, and now it suddenly become “denied”. How can this happen? It does not violate anything, what to do now?


Every customer gets asked a internal review for services rendered which is NOT visible to sellers and only for Fiverr.

Your clients most probably left a negative feedback in those reviews. Too many for a single gig would have it removed from listings.

Please contact customer service (although I doubt they will shed much light on the DETAILS of the matter), so you can confirm whether this happened to your 5 year old gig.


Well, I only have 5 star reviews, 100%, and this was a 5 year old gig, selling welll


Yes I understand that.
It also could be that few customers came back and referenced the gig and complained to customer service about its results and/or effects.

It could be a myriad of things. Customer support would be the best option to figure out actually what had happened.


tbh i’m shocked. Contact CS they’ll help you.


Fogi No Need To Worry Contact Customer Support They Will Help You Out


Contact CS they’ll help you.


May I ask what kind of gig it was?


Not sure how it’s relevant, but I am selling spells here on fiverr.


It is actually relevant. Some earlier successful gigs are no longer considered a focal point for Fiverr. Some of those gig types are known, so if you were in those categories it might shed light. I have not heard a of any strong restrictions in your category.

I did read a rumor on social media groups for buyers that some gigs in your niche were being targeted if they did not promise X results in less than 30 days due to a ToS technicality. The rumor mill was suggesting that these gigs were difficult for buyers to review prior to 30 days giving sellers a potentially unfair advantage.

The same thing is being said of some other gigs that deliver but can’t state definable results prior to 30 days, like email marketing campaigns. Buyers and others who find these 30 day loopholes said they were sent private email surveys and could report gigs accordingly. Fiverr seems to be tightening up on this based on input they receive . Mind you, this is speculative based on reading 3rd party discussion and I don’t know what your gig promised. Best of luck!


Guys, Just as I thought, CS is not really helpful, I got a canned response.
“The service you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Due to this your Gig will not appear in our search results. You’re more than welcome to submit new Gigs via your Fiverr account and continue to offer new and unique services for future evaluations by our editorial team.”

The problem with this, I made a search, and I found hundreds of similar gigs. What about those? I think it is time to search for an alternative for fiverr…


Wow exactly what @fonthaunt said!:astonished:


And I have millions of questions… No longer considered a focal point. It does not say clearly prohibited. It does not say it hurts the guidelines. All they say it’s not their focus, meaning it’s OK to have it, they may not promote it. Fine.

Anyone seen these guidelines or is it just a guessing game? I’d like to read them. I agree, this is their website, they can make the rules, but at least give us a chance to comply by making these editorial guidelines public.

And what about the hundreds of similar gigs I found?


If the gig is denied, how is it “ok to have it”?

Is it still on fiverr and listed with your other gigs under your profile?


Usually gigs that are removed from search due to editorial focus are left intact but no longer promoted. I don’t know why yours was different unless it has to do with the time span issue I mentioned. If your gig did not promise results in 30 days or less, it might have been denied for that reason, but I’m still only going on what I read in a buyer’s group.

As far as other gigs, in the past when Fiverr decided to remove a gig type from editorial focus, they take them down slowly. An example is gigs for Facebook likes, which still exist but are coming down. Usually it’s when a gig gets their attention due to a buyer complaint or a Support ticket by another use who feels the gig should be checked. If you were to send it tickets on gigs similar to yours, this might happen, but I can only guess.

I don’t think there is a list of which gig types they are targeting since it changes. I’m not saying the the editorial focus issue is fair, I would like to see a list, I’m just trying to give you some ideas on what might have happened. If it was the timing issue as well, that’s different and I think (not know) that they will eventually take all gigs down that don’t give results in the required time.