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Gig denied after a year of selling!

This is my first post in the Fiverr community. I hope you all are doing well.
I have been a seller and a buyer on this platform for more than two years now. One of the gigs that I created 2 years ago was denied today saying that “Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace.” The gig was about creating Fiverr gig’s videos.
I had built a good reputation on that gig in the past 2 years and sales were going well. Now, From no where Fiverr decided to shut it down without giving us a warning or time to modify our gig.

I contacted customer support and one thing I don’t understand that why do I always get a templated reply from the customer support. I understand that there are thousands of queries that they have to go through but this is a huge company based on their sellers and buyers. Whenever I have contacted the customer support, I am looking for help and trying to have a conversation with someone at Fiverr to solve my issue but they just send this specific templated message that just makes me mad even more despite all my issues.

Anyways, I got this message saying that “Sadly your Gig is not in our Editorial focus at this time. We recommend continue trying to create new unique and creative Gigs expressing your talents.”

I don’t get that how are they doing this. I mean, I have created something over the past 2 years and now they are just going to erase it completely saying you can try again. How does that make any sense? I get the idea that they are trying to bring more professional gigs to the platform but does that mean to erase the previous seller’s hard word completely? I hope the community understands that how difficult it is to create reputation due to the market competition and if I have a little reputation, that was just shoved into the ground.

This is absolutely ridiculous. At this point, people like me can’t do anything. I hardly expect any help from the customer support about bringing my gig back but this is just a shame how they are reacting to this.


Hi there!

I’m sorry to hear your gig’s been removed - I know there have been a number of gigs which have been deleted recently.

Just for curiosity’s sake, was it the ‘I Will Make Two 2 Fiverr Gigs Videos With No Script Required’ gig please?

I’m so glad your other gigs have stayed, and they’re doing well for you. :sunny:


But what is my fault here? That gig had about 50+ reviews on it and it was removed.
Which community guideline or Fiverr rule did I broke that I have to face this Penalty?


No idea I’m afraid - I just wondered if that was the one which had been deleted.

Did CS give you any reason at all?


Sorry - just saw this bit from your original post.

This is the reason being given to a number of users who have had their gigs deleted.

I understand it as much or as little as you do TBH. A gig is either allowed based on the ToS or it’s not.

I really do feel for you, and hope your other gigs keep doing well for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s possible you didn’t break any rule. Fiverr is gradually phasing out certain gigs simply because they want to.

Have you read the All Gigs Denied thread? We’ve talked about this issue a lot. Many others have also had long-running gigs shut down.


After two years, you just got here when you got into trouble ?? You must be very busy :slight_smile: Because I am new, I also can not help you, and hopefully many friends here who can help you.

Without any warning? Curious… FIverr required me to change my video in one of my gigs. I had to do it 3 times till they accept that my gig video was OK…

Did you contact CS? It is your right to ask them a explanation

Though that thread was about people holding a sign and similar things whose gigs were being removed. I’m assuming this gig was for producing 2 animated gig info videos for Fiverr users, based on the preview images. I wouldn’t have thought it would be in the same category of gigs being removed like the sign holder type gigs.


It does focus mainly on sign-holding gigs, but we do discuss changes in Fiverr’s “editorial focus”, which seem to have caught many sellers cold.

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I wonder what the reason could be for that?

Oh yes, it’s because Fiverr hasn’t actually told anybody what their ‘editorial focus’ is, what gigs are at risk etc. - they’re just deleting gigs and saying ‘sorry’ after.

I usually back Fiverr to the hilt at every turn, but on this occasion, I can completely understand why those with deleted gigs feel aggrieved.


I know. I completely understand they can do whatever they want with their platform, but the lack of communication is worrying. It’s showing a lack of respect for people and their livelihoods.

It’s why I’m quite keen to log all of these changes in one major thread, so we can get a feel for where Fiverr is drawing its new lines.


That’s where the problem lies.

@sara19841 Don’t worry - I’m not having a go at you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I use one of the large auction sites - they tell users months in advance of any changes, and have even been known to change their minds on decisions based on feedback from sellers.

The only reason they use for pulling listings is for breaking ToS in some way. How can sellers here know if they’re breaking ToS if Fiverr are making it up as they go along?

I’ve had my gigs in vacation mode for a while - they’re actually going ot stay like that or be deleted.

Why should I risk putting up gigs I think are good, within the ToS etc. only to have them removed down the line because the goal posts have moved?

I’m fortunate in that I have other skills which may or may not be useful in a different gig or two - some of the Fiverr users having their gigs deleted possibly aren’t going to be as lucky I’m afraid.

As a semi-reasonable person and part-time Fiverr fangirl (:wink:) I’m really struggling to work out what they’re playing at, and indeed why they’re doing it.


sorry to hear about it. I hope fiverr customer support will help you anyway. Dont lose hope

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I’m sorry this happened to you!

I wanted to put this here to show what you were offering so maybe someone could come along and give some insight about what might have been the reason it was removed:

2 Days Delivery Unlimited Revisions
2 template based Videos
I’ll make two videos for your gig.The Videos will be template based.

Overlay Text
60 Seconds Running Time
Full HD (1080p)
Background Music
Add Logo

All I can think of is that they don’t want copycat videos on gigs.
These would be the same videos for various gigs with different overlay text.

Nothing to do with any of that @misscrystal - all of it’s perfectly acceptable. I offered a similar gig myself previously.

Purely this:

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I think that someone mentioned that gigs related to other Fiverr gigs (for example, promoting them, or helping sellers write gig descriptions) were no longer allowed?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


So then they don’t want sellers offering video gigs specifically for fiverr gigs.
I’m struggling to find a reason.

edit: catwriter has hit the nail on the head.


That’s the only thing I can think of.

It does seem strange that apart from the homework/essay gigs, it’s all video gigs which are being disabled.

Added - @catwriter could well be right too, but I have seen ‘rewrite your gig description’ gigs happily staying put?


I have too. Maybe they haven’t gotten around to them yet.


Could it be the notorious “they haven’t been caught/noticed yet” thingy?