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Gig denied after a year of selling!

That’s the only thing I can think of.

It does seem strange that apart from the homework/essay gigs, it’s all video gigs which are being disabled.

Added - @catwriter could well be right too, but I have seen ‘rewrite your gig description’ gigs happily staying put?


I have too. Maybe they haven’t gotten around to them yet.


Could it be the notorious “they haven’t been caught/noticed yet” thingy?


Happily staying put FOR NOW. Two years into the future they may be also deleted at random.

I think the other poster hit the nail on the head. The lack of communication creates a a confusing environment. One that’s not really healthy. I do hope they at least reveal what this “Editorial Focus” is. Or what that even means.


That’s what I am asking. I should be able to edit my gig at least to make it according to ToS.


If you make another one like it you can leave out any reference to making videos for fiverr sellers. We are not positive that was the reason but I believe it was. Just offer two videos for $5.

Thank you for your response. I can create new gigs without a problem and try new thing and see which one works. But the thing is Why can’t I just edit my current gig that has pretty good reviews on it. This is the only thing that bugs me and makes me sad that I have worked to create a reputation for my gig and they just removed it.Even if I create a new gig, I am not gonna get the reviews back. It is going to be in a new gig section not recommended.

Why is fiverr taking away our gigs from us? They should have asked us to edit them. All I get is the option to delete the gig completely.

I am still shaking my head in sadness that there is nothing we can do at this point.


I can only guess. It is because if you edit out the part about the videos being for fiverr it becomes in a way a new gig and the reviews will not apply to it.

This is just a guess and I’m not saying if I agree with that but that is what it sounds like to me. That gig was to make fiverr videos so that was not something that could be edited, since those reviews would not apply if you changed the whole gig that much.


I still cannot accept the fact how they removed our gigs completely.
Their motto is IN DOERS WE TRUST and after seeing this kind of behavior, that does not match.
And this is a serious thing. I mean this is our livelihood. If they do something like this, only sellers have to face the issues.


I try to save CS responses about Editorial Focus when I can. At least in 2015 they were trying to cut way back on gigs that related to creating things for other sellers and videos were in the denial group. Here is an actual screen shot from a user and the response from CS, though I’ve redacted some personal info. You’ll see that gig videos, gig reviews and gig visitors were all specifically disallowed at that time. Other Fiverr-related areas might have gotten by but wouldn’t have been listed in search. This might have changed, but from the sound of the OP issue, they still have an issue with these gig types:


It sounds like the OP got to stay running for longer than some others, but eventually got snared by the same issue.


That should be published officially. Thanks for posting that @fonthaunt

There is a Pro seller with a gig called “I will make your fiverr gig description awesome” starting at $50. It’s been there for about a year at least.

And there are 115 gigs about fiverr gigs:✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=category&query=fiverr%20gig

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Perhaps they should update their educational material while they’re at it…


I don’t know if they’ve changed their “focus” a little bit or not, but that’s the only thing I had in my archives that might explain this particular seller’s problem. It’s definitely hard to anticipate what is and isn’t going to stick.

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Some materials do need updates, but I think the one you referred to is substituting the words “I will create a VERY unique gig title” meaning that the seller should create a good/unique/friendly title for their own gigs. It doesn’t look like an example of an actual gig title. I also don’t see title creation on the list of disallowed ones and any copywriter could probably do gig titles.

The main issue probably started with gigs offering to buy and review other people’s gigs which would be a clear violation. Unfortunately it spread out from there and now it’s kind of convoluted.

Really sorry for you… I hope you will get return your gig .

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I try to save CS responses about Editorial Focus when I can. At least in 2015 they were trying to cut way back on gigs that related to creating things for other sellers and videos were in the denial group

The “1. I will create a video for your Fiverr video profile” - I assume that means/includes “gig info” videos - so they wouldn’t be allowed.

Though when they introduced mandatory videos for gigs in the video & animation category, they said this:

Services in the Video & Animation category will generally require you to have professional video skills, so we expect this won’t be an issue for sellers. Should you need help polishing you video, check out our Fiverr expert audio/video talent here. A great script can really help explain your gig to potential buyers - If you need help writing your script for the video check out our scriptwriting talent here.

So they were (in March 2017 - nearly 2 years after that message from support) even saying it was okay for sellers in the video category to get help from other users or offer help to other users with their gig info videos - for help with the video/audio and also for the script writing.

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A while back one of my gigs was directed at helping people with their gig image/profile. It was removed from Fiverr because of the editorial committee.


Looks that way, don’t know what to tell you. All I have is stuff I’ve saved and some of it does conflict.

I also had a gig that was about helping people buy or sell and I got a message asking me to take it down.

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so sorry to hear that i know how it feels after soo much of hard work your gigs got denied :slightly_frowning_face:

i’ll suggest you never depend on a single income source

fiverr is great marketplace for freelancers but you cant depend solely on it because we’ve to follow their instructions and guidelines

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My gig has also been removed and I was providing the same service “gig description” :sleepy::sleepy::sob::sob: