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Gig denied after I made modified suggestions!


My gig is almost a year old with over 800 excellent 5 star reviews for voiceovers. Today, I randomly get a notification that I have to modify my gig to include my commercial rights fee (can’t be zero, has to have a value) and my gig description needs to be modified.

I haven’t changed anything in my gig since I created it since it has obviously been working for me with sales and after I make the changes they ask of me, they deny my gig and remove it from my profile!

I’ve submitted two tickets and have yet to hear anything from customer support over 10 hours ago.

Anyone else in the same situation, don’t know what to do and am starting to freak out since this is my main gig and main source of income!

Any advise or suggestions are appreciated!

ZERO sales for a week, after having regular sales almost everyday. New VO pricing to blame? (3 - topic duplication)

they also remove my old gig
i submit ticket to cs one month ago and still no reply from them


Was it an active gig?


Creat new gig if you have time


Yea, but I would lose all of my reviews! I have over 800 reviews on that gig.

This is a nightmare!

I don’t understand why they haven’t replied to me and it’s been about 12 hours, normally they’re faster than this.


Customer Support might take a lot longer than just 12 hours to respond to you. Maybe they’re dealing with tech issues? Maybe they are overloaded with tickets. Please be patient. They will respond when they have the time to do so.


There are alot of fiver member their replied number by number according to provided ticket


Dear you need to wait for responce


Ok thanks guys, sorry, just in the past they’ve always responded so quickly. Plus, I’m losing money with my gig not being live.

Hopefully they respond soon, thank you!


Please wait for CS. They must reply you.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


It seems there are a lots of new members lately (judging from the number of new threads from new sellers on the forum). Maybe the CS are dealing with too many tickets so respond time is slower than usual.
From my observation, gig ranking or any stats on fiverr tend to occur every 4-5 days so if your gig is inactive in 1-2 days, it doesn’t change much.
I hope you’ll get a positive respond real soon.


This is crazy. I know there are so many VO gigs out there who don’t have it included. A few month ago we were told it was mandatory and everyone who didn’t have it was going to get pulled from search since the gig went into “Edit” mode.
I remember it was impossible to save the gig without having the CL in place, so indeed it was mandatory.
Now you can edit your pricing and uncheck the CL without an issue, so I can see the confusion. Sellers think it’s optional.

Did you have any contact info in your gig or outside links? There are a lot of VO out there who have their personal websites listed in their profile which isn’t allowed and against TOS.

Did you have a video displayed that potentially violated copyrights?

Please be patient. The worst you can do now is bombard them with messages. Perhaps it went to a different department and someone needs to look into the issue further before giving you a final answer.

Good luck with that. Let us know how it all plays out.


Thank you everyone!

After several hours, I finally got a response that they will forward my request and gig to the Editorial team.

Then a couple hours after that, they said that I had another chance to edit my pricing for Commercial and Broadcast licensing fee - that it can’t be 0. Which I had originally done when they first asked me to edit which is why I was so nervous.

Now, my gig is pending approval again and I am praying that it gets approved since that was the only modification they had listed.

Thanks everyone for their replies. I’ll update when the issue is resolved!


Good news! It will go in your favour! :slight_smile: I understand that feeling.