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Gig Denied After Months


I had one gig active from a few months and got 50+ orders.

But yesterday I saw it asked for the image change, I changed the image and then it was denied.

What happened to the gig image after being there from months?

Now can I not get the gig activated?


No one to reply?

Got no response from the Support either.


No, you can’t active, you can only delete the gig!


This is not fair.

I had 50+ reviews on that gig.


Gig was denied because of the cover image quality, not because the gig offered something which was not accepted.

Thats the funny thing. I got the notification to change cover image and when I changed, my gig was denied.

And now there is no way to change cover again.

Sent a ticket to Support but never got a reply!


When we put up new gigs, they’re only screened by software for blatant issues. Updating gigs usually brings personal scrutiny, so the Fiverr editors might not have approved your gig, now that they are aware of it. Basically, you got 50 sales out of something that perhaps isn’t even allowed on Fiverr.

Fiverr is starting to delete traffic gigs which are obviously 'bots (“unlimited traffic”, “5 million real followers”, etc) and guaranteed good reviews (“5-star Amazon review”, “outstanding review”, etc.), but also anything that might be related to money laundering or other illegal activities.



Did you read my posts above??

The gig was NOT offering any of the things you mentioned Illegal.

The gig was NOT denied due to the Offer, it was denied due to the Cover Image Quality. And they are not giving me any more chance to change.


Of course I read your post. However, “image quality” is sometimes given as the reason for a gig denial, but if you dig some more with CS you find it’s not actually the problem.

The same thing happened to me once. Over the years, others have shared having similar occurrences, where a gig was updated and suddenly denied with the reason being ‘image quality’ but if CS is pushed enough, another reason altogether is finally given, most often because the gig was not quite ToS compliant, but for other reasons, too. Mine was “too similar” to other gigs I have, but I was able to convince the editors to reinstate it. And you’re right, when a gig is denied you can’t work on it or edit it. It’s either gone for good, or you convince Fiverr to put it up again.

I have no idea why they do this. I was just telling you what I’ve seen happen. Take it or leave it. Sorry I shared. Won’t happen again.


Well, the gig is up now but its not showing in search results like before with main keywords.