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Gig Denied after picking up momentum!

I have after years of wait finally gotten some orders and just when things were picking up some momentum, fiverr has denied the very gig that made it possible!

The gig offered Letter of Motivations for university applications and has been denied citing " Taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or engaging in acts of plagiarism/unauthorised copying is a violation of most, if not all, schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement".

Isn’t this ironic since one search for such a gig would enlist hundreds of other sellers doing the same thing?

perhaps it’s considered to be academic work , offering academic work is not allowed

others haven’t been caught yet…that’s all

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Imagine a drug dealer getting arrested for selling drugs then telling the cops, isn’t it ironic that we drove by 10 other drug dealers on our way to the precinct?

Your online business is yours and yours only to protect. We can’t worry about what others are doing, cuz in the end what they eat won’t fill our stomachs.

You still have an active account, you haven’t been banned. Use this to reinvent your business and bounce back.


You posted a gig for a service that Fiverr doesn’t allow.

Therefore you can’t be too surprised / upset / annoyed that it has been removed.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr. When the team becomes aware of a gig that breaches the terms of service - it gets removed. This was simply your turn.

I just don’t understand why people post in the forum saying that something is unfair when it was their choice either not to read or else ignore the TOS.