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GIG Denied After Working Properly

Hello, i place a Gig 4 days ago and it was running perfect, acctually i had my first customer with this one, and the same costumer buy again tree days later, that payment its still waiting i mean he order, and i send it

Today i open my gig to check the text I DIDNT MODIFY ANYTHING, after dad i made a mistake and i click Save and Not Cancel, then my Gig pass to pending for approval and minutes later it pass to Denied!!! What happend?

Im making sales from that Gig i published perfectly the first time and now is Denied?

This happened with my reviews gig I had modified the picture and received a notification that my gig was pending review because it was in the wrong category, that it was denied saying the category was wrong but it had been in the same category the whole time and it was selling just fine with perfect reviews, I contacted customer support and told them that I modified it and it followed and that it was wrongly denied. They told me the issue would be referred to the editorial staff who later told me they approved my gig and it was started back up again. Usually once it’s denied you can’t get it back its gone for good. If you feel the gig followed all of the rules and it was wrongly denied contact customer service and tell them so.

it happens because I forgot to mention once you modify your gig it goes into pending, this is kind of standard for new and level 1 sellers. I guess it happened because of certain keywords, the editing Staff wants to make sure that your Gig follow their rules I guess.

Hello, thanks

I read the TOS and im not violating anything. And i didnt modify anything i just open it to check.

Im at the 50% to reach level one because that Gig. :frowning:

Thanks for the advice

Here is the stupid answer fron costumer "support"


Thank you for your message. This service violates some Third Parties Terms of Service and was requested to be removed. Your Gig will not be restored. You are welcome to submit a new and exciting type of Gig for our Content Editor’s approval.



Well, if they delete my gig then they have to delete millions of gigs exactly like mine. I didnt reinvented the wheel. My gig was about writing a review, thats it.

You staff, i guess you have a lot of work deleting tons of review gigs!!

And what happend with my money that come from that gig huh?

I’m not sure what your gig was but I’ll give you an example. My gig was for reviews, but Amazon reviews are not permitted so I had to make sure my gig was adhering to all fiverrs rules and make sure my gig doesn’t say that I do Amazon reviews. You need to check everything and make sure your gig follows all the rules

The money that you made will probably be pending depending on when you competed orders from that gig. They don’t get taken away

Thank you for explain :slight_smile: