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Gig Denied and Removed around 8k Plus order completed

Today my Order was denied and Removed without warning i have created this gig since 2014, it has almost 8K plus order completed with 5k plus 5 star rating,
The denied reason,
Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)…

Do you thing it is a right that they have remove my gig, and i have use that images that is vectorize myself…
So Fiver simply give us warning and ask for modification,
So fiver has no time to review the gig and ask there customer for modification…

My gig image was original, i have seen many seller that they pick google image and put on there gig…

So what is your suggestion about this…


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Your gig image was original or not? Can you share your gig image with us?

Here is the image…
This is the image i have vectorize myself for my customer and put it on preview,

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So, it’s an image originally sent by your customer?

Sure these are send by customer and then when vectorize it, and leave it for preview, and i have not stolen it from google nor from other source,
and some time ask to make there image is private then we never share it nor keep it on preview…

Did this customer give you their permission to use that as your gig image, not just the preview of the work done?

If not, you don’t have the right to use it as your gig image, because it belongs to your customer.

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Has Gig being deleted for this reason without letting him know upfront is wrong in my Opinion!

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if the customer want private there image there sure we keep it private, and these are from my regular customer so they never asked for this to remove it…

and the by the way this gig for vectoriz an existing image to vector, so we put that image that we previously vectorize for customer,., and if you see, if we put do job for customer and during the order we put image for preview then it mean that customer has no issue to put there image for preview…

Sure, the customer didn’t mind if it stayed there as a preview. But a preview and an official gig image are not the same things. If you don’t have your customer’s explicit permission to use that image for your own commercial purposes (for example, as a gig image), that might be the reason.

Of course, I’m just guessing here.

It could also be that that image can be found on the internet, and that someone reported you for it.

You could try asking Customer Support for help, and tell them that it was work you did for your buyer (and that they left it there as a preview).

Yes sure they all image can be found on the internet,
First if customer lose there original files then he asked to recreate there logo.
Second if the logo has low resolution then he asked to create high resolution logo for printing purpose etc…

our job is to recreate the existing logo to vector , so it can be from any source,

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and i know all my customer is almost a regular and loyal customer so they never complained there image, if they has an issue they ask me personally to remove the image, and they never and never complain me…

and my whole carer there may be two or three customer ask me to keep there image is private …

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it is very bad news for you, i don’t able to discuss your issue

What is this then?

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That was only the source for my income, they never check the gig and seller performance but only one reason but no reason they remove there gig, and kick up your whole career,
very disappointed me…

This is my nephew i give this image to him…
he is created there account ,

And now both of you will be removed.

You can not use same images in GIGs. It is misleading costumers. So he doesn’t actually know how to vectorise an image?

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The same thing happened with me and I used an image that was drawn in Illustrator by myself. I report it and I told that I can provide the source file but no one listened to me. So, keep calm and create a ner gig.

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Ok i asked them to remove them…
I am using Fiverr since 2014, and i have seen many gigs that are using the same image, and also they are using copyright image from net…

And when you see that you do the same thing as I do, report them until they are banned from Fiverr.

People who do that have no skills.

If your nephew has skills he could put his own images.

I think you sharing your images with other Fiverr sellers hurt you the most. If Fiverr traces your image on more then 1 location it is done deal for them.

How you get this gig…?