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GIG DENIED - because of fake complaint


One of the seller!
I edited Explainer video template from Videohive and was using it and one seller complaint to fiverr that i copied their video!
but everybody knows you can buy After Effects templates from videohive and edit them, i added own voice, own music

still fiverr took her complaint seriously and denied my gig! just because i was on top page and that seller’s gig was not doing well. they too this decision
I also contact customer support sent the link of videohive item, and still no replies!
i also contacted them yesterday about that sellers wrong behavior towards me! one of the top seller is also using same template for her gig video, that means she is also copying? NO, because its available for anyone who buys and edit it for use!

Please tell me how to get my gig back, help me as i am running my family with Fiverr earnings!

HOW, I rated my gig to the TOP PAGE
HOW, I rated my gig to the TOP PAGE

How can you possibly know who complained to Fiverr? They never tell you who complained about your gig - it could have been somebody completely different, like the person who sells the template on VideoHive?


she herself texted me to remove the video, then i stated everything that i bought it, i have own voice, different scenes


Have you purchased an Extended license for that template? Because as far as I’ve heard, you have to purchase a new Extended License for each sale you make using a videohive template, which means a lot of $.

Please read the template provider’s License, because they’re most likely not allowing you to use the template like you’re using it right now - you need to purchase a lot of licenses if I recall.


Spot on woofy…


i dont sell that template videos, i only made my gig video! that was just for myself


It doesn’t matter - it’s still considered an end product, and each sale with it is another end product.

The videohive license allows one end product, so for each sale you probably have to purchase a new license.


i asked it before making video to the seller on videohive and they replied as long as we are using video for us only its legal! but we can’t sell it


Well, you’re not using the video for you only - you’re using it to attract clients and sell your own product with the help of a template that’s meant for you only to see and use according to what they’ve said.

If I were you, I’d get in touch with the template provider and ask them what you need to pay to use the template in a Fiverr gig video :wink:


sir, i stated I know the person who filed a complaint as she told me she is complaining to support that i copied her video


Unfortunately we can’t help you more than this, because in the end we’re just buyers & sellers like you :sunny:

Only customer support can help you, but you need to have patience and allow them time to respond to your ticket - if you press them to respond and keep asking them to respond, they won’t respond anymore :confused:

P.S. it usually takes between 12-24 (sometimes 48) hours to get a response from CS :wink:


ok sir thanks, i will wait


I just wonder what sort of videos you make for your clients, if the videos you publish front and center to advertise your expertise, are videohive templates.

Just curious.

Like you purchased a videohive template to use as demo, but you design and animate everything from scratch for your clients? how do you do it?


I have a question. If I purchase a Videohive template and have someone modify it for my gigs to use here, what kind of license should I get?


Allow me to add my two cents, as a VideoHive author myself, what Woofy31 is saying is almost correct. There are two main licenses:

  1. Regular license which allows you to use the template / content in a SINGLE end product which users are not charged for. In essence, you buy the template and use it for one of your blogs, in a promotional video or what-have-you or you can purchase it on behalf of your client for their blog, promotional video etc, however not in a movie for example. If another client comes along and wants to use the same template, you have to then purchase the template once again for another license, the license information is stored in the Downloads section of your profile where there is a license tag associated with each purchase that can be used for verification, for example, audiojungle vs youtube.

  2. Extended license allows you to do the same as above however still a SINGLE end product, meaning the same scenario as above, if you want to use it in your movie like a hollywood movie or a theatrical prop or at a concert that has admission, anytime money is passed, this is the license to use. However, if you made two movies and want to use the same template in another movie, you need to PURCHASE the license once again. This license in other words is for ‘Commercial Paid Use’, while the above is for ‘Commercial / Personal Unpaid Use’.

In essence, unless each person here on Fiverr who uses templates buys a license each time, then every single man-jack on here using a template is engaging in copyright infringement, which as an author myself, ticks me off! Anyways… that’s my two cents.

Fenty Out.


So they need to make people purchase the videos themselves and they modify it. They sound kind of dumb tbh. They are like $40 or thereabouts so it’s not like they cost a fortune. It’s not worth the risk.

So it sounds like I need a regular license.


Hey misscrystal, the license you’ll need to get is Regular License as no one needs to pay you to view the end product. So you can purchase the template and have someone modify it, however, the person that modifies it needs to know they can’t then turn around and use the template as well.

Exactly, they either need to have the client purchase it or simply up their prices, so if the template is $15, and an extended license is $50, then charge $75, buy the template and get $25.00 for editing, deliver the final product along with the license information and send to the client. That’s the only way to be fair, in cases like these, if Fiverr and Envato can strike a deal, then a placement for ‘License Information’ should be used as a verification (but that’s too much work). So as you said, the client should buy the template and the Fiverr service should be “I’ll edit a VideoHive template on your behalf” sort of thing.


Hey @dfenty,

Thank you for bringing more clarity on this matter!

However, I’m still unsure/unclear on how to go about videohive when a Fiverr seller, for example, wants to buy & use an AE portfolio/showcase template to create their gig video only (note: the AE template isn’t used in the delivery, only for the gig presentation video, nothing else), so the “end product” would be the gig video itself.

Does a Fiverr seller have to purchase a new license for each sale they make because that sale might have come up because of the catchy gig video based on that template?


Hey Woofy31,

You’re most welcome and I hope I can further assist.

Whether it be for personal or commercial use, for every different use of the template, a new license needs to be purchased. For example, in your scenario, if you want to use a template as part of your Fiverr Gig video, a regular license would need to be purchased.

  1. Either the Fiverr seller purchase a new license for the sale, at which point, you let them know that you need the licensed information document from Envato and you pay for both the Template and the Edit.

  2. You purchase the template from VideoHive and then send the project files to the seller for editing.

I hope I understood and answered your question correctly.

I hope I am not breaking any rules, my apologies if I have, here’s a screen-shot of what a license looks like. Some information has been blurred for obvious reasons, thanks.



So if I, for example, purchase an AE template to create a presentation video for 1 illustration gig of my own, I just purchase a Regular license once for the entire lifetime of my gig?

Or do I have to purchase a new license for each sale I make with my illustration gig for whose presentation video I used that template?

Sorry if I’m still a tad confused :slight_smile: