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Gig denied because some sadist doesn't like the video!


One of my gigs offering monthly (29 days) management of Linux Servers has been denined a few minutes ago because some sadist figured that the gig video that I am using in that gig is inappropriate. The same video was there for many years, but S has woken up just now! So S deleted my gig instead of removing the gig video, making me lose all the info I uploaded there after spending considerable time. Moreover, there is an active order against that gig placed today and an enquiry to which I have to reply.

Do I look like an idiot to Fiverr?


If your video is over 1 minute - it will get denied. It does not mean anything is wrong with your content - you just need to make it a touch shorter and then you should be all set.
Hope that helps.


It’s a bit more than 30 sec if I remember it correctly, but not more than a minute for sure! Even to check that and fix, there is no option given to edit it anymore.


You should also revise your attitude and behavior towards the site’s officials, because that behavior can quickly escalate and you don’t want your buyers to see that side of you :wink:

And try being polite in your way of talking/writing, because offensive or inappropriate language (or throwing names for that matter) is against the rules of both the Forum and the site.


I don’t know how to pretend to be nice when I don’t want to be. A wrong is a wrong, whether staff does or god does.


You must learn to pretend to be nice, otherwise you break the site’s rules, and you don’t want to have your account put under review or suspended as well - please read the Terms of Service, you’ll see it’s all in black and white right there.

Also, have you even taken the time to contact CS and ask them what happened? In your place I would immediately contact CS instead of making accusations or throwing names on the Forum :wink:


Sorry friend. For this one, I won’t. And I have clearly explained the reason here. And thank you for your suggestion btw. A ticket is already open and I am stating the obvious, not throwing any names.

If video is problem, ask me to remove the video. It is as simple as that. Why complicate it and waste sellers’ time?


It appears that the real reason for denial is this:

Irrelevant to the marketplace - It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research to see what type of Gigs do well and are in demand by our buyers.

Whenever I was busy, I used to pause this gig. Some automation/reviewer mistook this as a performance issue? Even then, a non-performing gig cannot be called an inappropriate gig.


Considering the fact that others really sell some outrageous services, I think it is absurd to deny yours.

If I were you, I would contact customer support and explain the situation in a loooong e-mail nicely suggesting the fact that that gig was extremely important and valuable to your business.


So does that mean the work will continue after 30 days (ie. are you checking/updating stuff on the same person’s/company’s servers once every month)? If the work will keep being done after a month (or 30 days), isn’t that the reason why Fiverr doesn’t want that gig?

Fiverr says gigs may be removed for “Services that extend beyond 30 days of service duration” - which seems to be what your monthly server management gig would do.


Once again Fiver finds a way to give an informative answer in response to a very easy to answer question but somehow finds a way to say absolutely nothing of value.

At present, I am working on a theory that no one is actually employed at Fiverr HQ. Instead, buckets filled with live trout are likely placed before rows of Windows 95 computer terminals. Whenever CS is contacted by a seller, responses are subsequently generated by individual trout leaping from their buckets and successfully hitting one of three canned response hotkeys.

The only question is, why trout?


You’re absolutely correct. I’ve seen the huge tanks of water from leaked images that surfaced the internet several month back.

Because: Trout is the common name for a number of species of freshwater fish belonging to the genera Oncorhynchus, Salmo and Salvelinus, all of the subfamily Salmoninae of the family Salmonidae. - Wikipedia


No more CS for you!


I don’t mess with CS anyway. If evil happens, evil happens. Why add another layer to it and give rise to even more silliness?


Just don’t edit your gigs. That’s opening a can of worms.


Well, at least that settles that.


I’ve already been warned not to by a higher power with a little pepper.


The Trout will eat them. :joy:


How can I extend beyond 30 days of service duration, when the max delivery time given by Fiverr is 29 days?

As mentioned in my first post, the duration of my gig is 29 days, after which the order would be delivered and completed. A new order has to be placed to get another 29 days of service.

If gig title is an issue, I would have changed it to “Manage your Linux Server for a Month”.



Thank you. I updated the ticket informing the support on the utility and potential of this gig. No response so far. Will wait and see.