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Gig denied but have orders pending


Hi! A few hours ago my gig was denied and I have absolutely no clue as to why did that happen. I don’t know where can I get customer care support either because I keep getting redirected to a page that has no option to put down my query. I want to know from you guys that even when the gig has been denied and I still have 2 orders to complete is it possible to do it or will it fail? Please help! Your help will be highly appreciated. :((

P.S. My gig was about posting verified reviews on Amazon and it was doing really well until recently I see the gig is under the denied section. :-/


The exact same thing just happened to me. I had to gigs. 1 to review books and 1 to review Amazon products and they were suddenly marked denied even with active gigs. Did you ever reach a resolution? All I know is I have 100 plus dollars in pending revenue. Does Fiverr get to keep that now?


Hi @kjlinter, I have no clue as to what needs to be done. I am still wondering. In fact, I have pending balance of a good $150 too for the same book review gig. I received some super awesome reviews, but all in vain. If its any help, I did have a word with Amazon, but I believe all I received was an automated reply that says they dint do anything. Anything that worked out with you?


Hey @kjblynx, don’t you think if such gigs create problems they should not be allowed in the first place? I mean it is very disappointing to know that your hard work has just been pushed down the drain and you can do absolutely nothing about it! :frowning: :’(


Do NOT mention Amazon in any of your gigs, Amazon monitors Fiverr gigs and if the find their name in a gig description they will report you and demand the gig be closed. I know this because it happened to me and the Fiverr support person was kind enough to explain what happened. Check out my ebook and product review gigs and see how I avoided using the “A” word. :slight_smile: