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GIG DENIED " do home page design with PSD free

Hi There,

I am suman Adhikary and my user name on fiverr " simpleweb12"
1st September gig details issue my " do home page design with PSD free" gig goes denied.

But last 5days I continued try to contact with support team but they can’t reply me. So any Fiverr support member if online here please reply my message and help me solve my gig issue.

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Was it an existing gig or one that you just created?

When a gig is denied you get an automated message stating what the reason was.
What was the reason in your case?

buyer description area I was update which is not match fiverr policy. So
that goes denied. So I want modification the gig again

which gig goes denied that was I used last 4 years.

frank_d, can you help me get modification chance the the denied GIG, I can assure that I will never do anything which goes against fiverr policy.

hello Frank_d … I am waiting your reply.

Reason my GIG denied:
Misleading/unclear description - We noticed that your Gig description might be misleading or unclear. For your Gig to succeed, please make sure that the Gig’s description is written in clear language and is well-defined. In addition, if you require any information from your buyer to start working on the order, you should list it clearly in the buyer instructions/requirements area.

So I want fiverr team please give me chance modification my GIG.

frank or any Fiverr suppprt Team member please reply me solve my issue.

I’m sorry I lost all my will to help once you started sending me pms and bumping this thread.

I am afraid that any more responses from me regarding your issue will mean a never-ending wave of messages from you.

I am not part of Fiverr’s team, please open a ticket with customer support.

no one from Fiverr staff will respond to you on this forum.

best of luck


:exploding_head: Wow, really? That makes me want to be careful about offering help.

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  1. Please don’t annoy people on the forum or by PM - they don’t like it, and they will (as you’ve seen) stop helping you.

  2. With any gig related issue, only Customer Services can help you.


To anyone who does get “unwanted messages” on the forum, first ask them to stop. If they persist, flag the message in the normal way and Mods will have access to it and take appropriate action.
In the case of inappropriate messages, please flag them immediately for us to deal with.


What is the flagging procedure? :thinking:

Click on the 3 wee dots beneath a post and a flag icon appears.

Click on the flag and you can choose your flagging reason.


Whoops! I just clicked on the 3 dots in my own post, did I flag myself? However, no flag appeared, just a trash can?

So I clicked on the three dots next to the “Reply” arrow on yours, and it asked me if I wanted to bookmark it. That must be the wrong three dots. I cannot find any other dots?

I think word free or external link or name of other websites that are not allowed cause this
that was only my opinion

@offlinehelpers Oh, I found it! :star_struck:

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Great - I was just doing a screenshot, but glad you found it.! :grinning:


Just in case anyone else has trouble finding the flag button, I went ahead and made a screen shot. I also admit that my life is still rather intense and my moments of entertainment are sparse, so yes I entertained myself while making this lovely tutorial for everyone. After this I’ll set an autoclose for the thread since it looks like the OP just needs to contact Support and leave everyone else alone now. :slight_smile:

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