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Gig denied due to spam, misleading or illegal


I don’t know if anyone had the same experience but I’m baffled at the moment.

I just had the second gig I ever made denied due to being spam, misleading to customer or illegal. I’m lost for words.

The gig was up for 5 months and I had no bad reviews or complaints about it. On contrary, the buyer feedback was extremely positive.
If it truly was some sort of an illegal service I’m sure the system would have picked it up before and not after 5 months.

The customer service is trying to convince me that the gig is not in the fiverr’s editorial guidelines. I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong to be honest. I can list at least 10 gigs offering the exact same thing. One of them even has over 2000 purchases. But these are in the editorial guidelines somehow…

I’m really worried as the descriptions and the tone of the gig was pretty much the same as on all my gigs. Are my other gigs in jeopardy now?

Luckily the denied gig was not a big earner so I’ll just delete it and get it over with. But I’m still worried what might happen with my other gigs.

I always tried my best to present my services as a high quality work with outstanding integrity so buyers feel safe when working with me. According to my reviews I’m guessing I managed to accomplish that. And just when you think you’re doing everything ok the fiverr system fu**s you up…

If anyone wants to know the gig was for finding profitable niches for a niche site or an affiliate site. I also offered keyword research and affiliate offer research as an extra.

Anyone had a similar experience?

P.S. The only positive thing is that the speed of customer service is incredible. I guess it’s because I’m a level 2 seller. I never had any real problem with the platform so I’m really surprised how the support team is handling this matter.


If it was just for finding profitable niches for a niche site I’m not aware of that being something that would cause it to be removed so it may not have any answer that anyone knows of here. Only you know if there was spam or misleading involved somehow.


I’ve done my best to build integrity on this platform. Trust me, there was no spam and it certainly wasn’t misleading.


I can’t answer about the gig you had removed since there is no way to see the entire gig description now. Even if I could see it, it could have been something about the way you exchange information with buyers. So, I can’t guess at any of that. What I can do is respond to some other things you mentioned.

As far as illegal gigs (or other violating gigs) being found before 5 months, it actually is very possible for a gig to go on that long even though it violates the ToS. Fiverr doesn’t closely check every single gig when it is created. They do have at least 3 ways of finding problem gigs down the road. One way is when a member of staff is checking through the site in general and notices a gig that made it under the radar or one that was created prior to a change in the ToS. A second way is when another user (buyer or seller) sees your gig and sends in a complaint about it for any reason. If Fiverr determines that the complaint is valid, the gig is denied. Another way is when a third party site reports your gig.

There are many gigs up right now that violate the Terms of Service of another website. Gigs that advertise bot likes on Facebook are a good example. Facebook does contact Fiverr if a gig gets their attention and the gig is removed because bot-generated likes are against FB ToS. Google also has problems with some gigs. Gigs that violate Adsense ToS are an example. So, a gig might stay up for a long period of time before it is caught and removed.

The editorial guidelines change frequently. Amazon Reviews were allowed on Fiverr for a while. When Amazon complained, Fiverr began to remove the gigs that were reported by Amazon. They also decided to drop all Amazon Review gigs from the editorially-approved group. Gigs that do not follow editorial guidelines aren’t always denied but they are removed from the search page when Fiverr decides it’s time. If you try to search for Amazon Reviews right now, you’ll find other Amazon-related gigs (like product description gigs) but little to no review gigs.


Is it written anywhere what types of gigs do not follow editorial guidelines?


Your gig only 5 months. My recently DENIED gig was 5 years old and got good reviews in average. How come? I also don’t know why. Fiverr’s staff never told me the exact reason. They only told me the gig was suspiciously fraudulent. I don’t now how they made the decisions.

If you want me to know my gig, it’s about service to setup a private Squid Proxy server on buyer’s VPS. And it has been last for more than 5 years without problem!

Here’s Fiverr’s answer:
I checked your Gig and it has been denied because of the suspicion of Fraud and/or Copyright violations. Please note that every Gig is carefully reviewed by our Editorial department. It will not be restored, unfortunately because of the previously stated reasons.

There are no further explanation why its being DENIED. Very silly I think, which we as good seller unable to identify the problem to avoid another mistake with the gig.

Maybe they don’t like a seller got easy money using their service which they charge us 20% for each of our revenue???


Is a Squid Proxy server is something you need to buy a license for in each time you set it up?
Or is it always free to anyone to use?


I don’t know why but I have been trying to post this on here for the past hour and it won’t let me…

the button is grey and won’t let me withdrawal funds. This is not a good time for this to happen. I really needed those funds.
Yesterday it was like this and I updated it thinking that would help but it just locked me out for 24 hours, and now the 24 hours is up and it still will not let me choose paypal!! Please help me with this asap. Thank you.
sdfsdf.png (10 KB)

This seems to be related to an issue with the order . Please contact the buyer to find a resolution to this matter.
Joe | Fiverr Customer Support
Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips
Fiverr Customer Support

That was an order that was canceled that I PURCHASED months ago and I have done withdrawals since then so maybe give this support ticket to someone who is really going to do their job and fix the problem!!! I still cannot withdrawal funds to my paypal account!!! This needs to be fixed ASAP! How would you like it if you did not have a way to get your paycheck?? YOU ARE WRONG it is not an issue with an order that me and a seller canceled months ago. How could I contact a buyer. I am the buyer on that one!!! The problem is the paypal button!!!


You’re not going to get great customer service if you bite people’s heads off.


One of the things you wrote in your gig description was that “with Squid authentication, user can hide their identity.” Even though I understand that there are plenty of legitimate reasons to hide your identity, is is quite possible that Fiverr had concerns about that phrase. It could be used for many acceptable things like surfing privately, but it could also be used by the buyer to do fraudulent things.

I don’t know for sure if that’s what happened, but I’m just saying that a gig with those words could look suspicious. I’m sorry you lost the gig, the editorial team seems to be coming down pretty hard lately. I don’t think it’s about how much money Fiverr can make, I think it’s about trying to avoid complaints and problems. Some gigs slip through the cracks.

I suggest you just work on providing some services that don’t relate to 3rd party sites, software or any phrasing that could sound problematic. Good luck!


First, your post doesn’t go in a thread about other people’s denied gigs. I don’t know why you jumped into someone else’s thread with your own rant. Second, your demanding behavior wouldn’t go over well with Customer Support.

Since the post doesn’t belong here and it’s worded in a way that makes me think you’ll jump all over me for answering, it’s not going to get an answer here. Feel free to post it in the Ranting Pot as your own post if you are going to freak out. If you want to phrase it as an actual calm post you can try Conversations. Make your own post instead of tagging on to someone else’s. Otherwise, stick with Customer Support and be nice and maybe they can help you.