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Gig Denied, False Reason, Horrible Support

My gig was denied and I was outright lied to by Support!

They told me the reason was it is not a service offered on Fiverr however my service which is to provide penetration testing and a detailed report, is 100% offered on Fiverr. This falls under “Programming & Tech > QA > Vulnerability Test”.

My gig has been very successful. Since I started it in Nov 2017 I have delivered dozens of orders. All on time and all with 5 star ratings.
In my gig requirements I require the buyer to state that they are either the owner or administrator of the site with permission to have a pen test performed. I also make very clear in my FAQs that I refuse any and all unethical or illegal requests. My gig is purely to help site owners/admins identify and resolve security vulnerabilities in their site.

My experience with Fiverr Support has been terrible. I was told repeatedly that my gig wasn’t a service offered on Fiverr even after I provided evidence that it clearly is and that there are dozens of other Sellers offering the exact same service right now.

I understand that we are all human and it’s likely that someone in the Editorial or Trust team simply made an error. All I want is for the mistake to be corrected and I certainly hope that Fiverr does something about this horrible Customer Support.

I am prepared to bring this to the attention of the CEO directly but would first like to make my experience known here since Customer Support has decided to no longer reply to my requests for assistance.


Funny how when they make a mistake and you provide them evidence they just stop replying lol. Similar thing happened to me!


I’ve reached out to @michakaufman on Twitter and on Facebook with my concerns. I suggest you do the same since Support is a waste of time. Hopefully, social media will give some traction toward a resolution.


Or they will just block you there.


Let us know if he replies back to your query.


Maybe they’re worried some people might say they’re the owner or have permission but aren’t really the owner/don’t have permission. Maybe if there was more proof that they were the actual owner/really had permission, they might be more okay with it.

The level of verification I ask for is 100x more than any other gigs offering penetration testing services.
If that was the reason surely they would simply state that.

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There is a different between two things:

  • Editorial Focus
    There are gigs that are not in Fiverr’s editorial focus. Those gigs are not given preference by Fiverr, sometimes they are removed, sometimes they are just removed from search, and sometimes they are left entirely alone until the Editorial team gets to them. Your gigs sounds like it was not in Editorial focus which means that there might be other gigs like it that stay up for some time, but most of them don’t get much publicity and they may be considered for removal.

  • Against ToS
    There are gigs that are entirely against Fiverr ToS and those sometimes slip by the radar for awhile, but are taken down when the Editors find them. (Examples including gigs selling reviews, gigs selling adult services, gigs selling spam services, etc.)

The message you received would tell you if your gig was “not in Fiverr’s Editorial Focus” or if it “violated the Terms of Service.”

The message I received from Support was “the service being offered is not a service offered on Fiverr”. This is false as 1) the service falls very clearly under the service type “Programming & Tech > QA > Vulnerability Test” and 2) there are dozens of other gigs offering the exact same service.

If my service is not in the Editorial Focus as you say, then Fiverr needs to remove the “Programming & Tech > QA > Vulnerability Test” service category.

I can’t actually know why they removed yours, I made a guess based on what you wrote. I’m sorry your gig was denied. Perhaps there is some information that isn’t available in what has been posted so far. Best of luck.

I wish there was more information other than what I have described. As it is right now my experience with Fiverr Support has left me frustrated and wondering why they took the action they did.
Unfortunately, there are many others who have had similar experiences.
I hope Fiverr gets this mess sorted out so I can continue making money for them.

At the end of the day, you might see that someone is saying “it’s their site, they can do whatever they want, they can treat you however they like, forget what’s on the TOS page”.

I’m waiting to see this, really, I have seen this many times before.

I’ll also like to see how this plays out. In either case, support hasn’t been very supportive recently.