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Gig denied for a not real reason

yesterday I’ve added a new gig, a logo design service, I’ve uploaded some on logos I created by myself .i used online website for creating logos … after minutes Fiverr denied my gig and tells DENY REASONS
Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)
why they are doing this?

The answer is obvious!
You used online website to make the logo. That is not allowed. You have to make the logo on your own in a vector software like adobe illustrator and inkscape on YOUR OWN.

Fiverr will obviously deny it because it is not original and not your own.


but the website does not provide you with the logo in instance , its just a helping tool and you have to create it by yourself ,you will have to select a shape and a layout and your font style , its like you who created this logo .

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What is the name of the website?

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Are you serious? :woman_facepalming:
You are not allowed to resell someone else’s work.

If you are offering service you have to draw everything yourself and not use logo makers and elements designed by someone else.


its not like resell someone else’s work. it should be considered my origin work. the website provides this service because it knows that some people will create their own logos . it’s just a helping tool .

No it’s not. Did you drew all those elements yourself? No. So you can’t sell it as your own work. It is so unethical and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you are still arguing and think that it’s ok.


I had a look at the website.

It is not fair for you to make the logo with an online logo maker and then sell it to someone.
The only reason brands would want to get their logo made from you is the fact that it will be 100% original. Anyone can make a logo with that website so why will the brands come to you?

I tried making a logo in that website and it is just like the Fiverr logo maker. You can’t call it as "Just a helpful little tool"

And I agree with @mariashtelle1. You can’t call it your own if you did not make all the elements yourself.

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if its not allowed so why this website offering the logo designing without copyrights , or a signature after you create your logo ,because this means its yours now ,a lot of fiverr seller uses this method not only for logos also for editing videos there are a lot of website available online for this purpose. a lots of fiverr seller uses things alike for their services.

your are right , i actually using adobe illustator for logo designing , but i uses this website to create some logos to put them in my gallery and i am not gonna use it of course for my clients .

No, they clearly state on their website that it’s for entrepreneurs and their business as a replacement of a designer. Not a replacement for a lazy “designer” who can’t do any work himself and just want to use resources of other people to earn money.

It means that those people are not caught yet. Because IT IS NOT ALLOWED. Clearly that’s why fiverr denied your gig. It’s so unethical.


i am not gonna be a designer by this website ,i’m using adobe illustrator , its impossible to use it for your customers . i just used it to create logos to put them on my gallery.

that means that you haven’t created them by yourself


Why don’t you use Adobe Illustrator to create logos to put in your gallery? Isn’t it better for you, to show your potential customers what you’re really capable of, plus to show them that your work truly is original?


If you are a designer, start designing so you can create a portfolio that will attract customers.


“Gig denied for a very real reason”.

Anyone who uses a logo creation site is not a designer. They won’t be a creative individual who will be able to best advise a client based on the unique attributes of their client’s business. Therefore the client loses.

It’s laughable how many sellers on Fiverr claim to be logo designers. There are of course genuine sellers, but in my opinion they’re far outnumbered by individuals looking to make $5 through using template sites with pre-made design elements.

Such work is not original. You are simply creating a mashup.


This makes zero sense.

The gallery is all about showcasing your best work and it should, of course, be representative of the quality your clients should expect.

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There is a reason why the logo design industry is looked down upon by people nowadays. Around a decade ago, it was generally-understood that anything below a few hundreds will not get you a logo (perhaps a concept or a sketch but not a finished product with deliverables, etc).

Thanks to “professional logo designers” on Fiverr and other freelance websites whose providers play around with online tools that are never meant to be used for third-party commercial purposes, everyone thinks you’re overcharging when you want to be paid a decent logo design price. Sad, really.


The reason is they probably have an automated checker for gig images that found a very similar image to the one you uploaded already on the web.