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Gig denied for no reason, and it's weired


Its been 2 years since I joined Fiverr, and I was selling 10 to 15 album cover designs every month (completed 464 in total) but suddenly my gig was denied recently. (note: I was away for few months, and when I activated my gig, they denied). It says that the image or designer was not original. I have all the PDF source files and evidences to prove that I am the creator or designer.

The main question is:- do they really have to deny the gig at first sight. Why don’t they warn me, why not ask a questions, why don’t they ask me to modify.

They are literally kicking out the old and slow seller. I guess they only want a large volume seller, that’s it.

Not An Original Image Or Design Gig Denial - Possible Cause?

Any Help would be appreciated.


Drop a note to CS and ask why this has happened.

Hope you can get it sorted. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just contact them with the evidence and source file and they will restore your gig. We already heard situations like this in the forum.


I did exactly that yesterday when the same thing happened to me.

Today, my gig has again been denied and I’ve received a ToS warning into the bargain (undeserved!). Waiting for another reply from CS…

Bots gone mad! :slightly_smiling_face:


I already did, and their reason is not relevant. I know I lost my business.


May I ask please - did you at some point upload a gig image which you may have used previously, or one which may have been similar to something you’d used as a gig image before?


Contact customer support with source file…they will solve your problem.
Fiverr customer support is good :slight_smile:
they are friendly and prompt :slight_smile:


Or perhaps they won’t. :wink: