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Gig denied for no valid reason

So I had a gig that had around 140 reviews on it. Yesterday, i thought maybe i should change my Gig video. I uploaded a new video, and unfortunately it was rejected by the editorial team, with the reason thats it’s voiceover is poor and not up to their standard which is a pretty stupid reason. There are plenty of gigs out there that has worse voiceovers and the quality of the video while my gig had clear accents of voiceovers but rejected.
So i then re-uploaded my old video that was already running since i had no other fresh one made currently due to my busy schedule. But instead of getting it live, they simply denied and removed my gig for permanent from the marketplace. This has been totally unfair. Why did they remove the gig when i reuploaded the old video that was already running fine plus that one also had clear and professional voice-overs.

Can any veteran please tell about this. Thanks


Sad, You should talk with support team.

Already talked to support. They just gave lousy response saying that I was offered multiple tries while in actual i was offered only two tries and on second try they denied despite the old video.

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They are the only ones who could help. All we can do here is guess.

Possibly because the system detected it as a video that was already in use on Fiverr.

There were sellers who closed their old accounts and opened new ones (with the permission from CS), then tried to use their old gig images or profile pictures, and were denied.


I am aware. I am asking for any advise that i can ask the CS even and want to know the real reason.

The video isnt used anywhere else, i made it myself (if you are talking about the new one) the old one was also made by me. But on uploading the old video it got denied.

The support had already said that it will not be restored and are not answering my question about the old video and marked the ticket as resolved themselves.

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Nobody on the forum can help you get your video back.

Suggest you make a completely new video with clear and professional voice overs and with no similarity to the old one.


Hmm, thats what i was thinking. Cant i keep the script same and change the voiceovers?

Suggest you change everything to be on the safe side.

This may be helpful to you :


Thanks for sharing this. Can you explain this? What does this mean by video? Obviously we will upload a video.
"If your Gig was placed in the Video & Animation category, you are required to upload a video with audio.’’

I dont understand this.

If your Gig was placed in the Video & Animation category, you are required to upload a video. While it’s not required for other categories, Fiverr recommends uploading a video with audio. This influences potential customers and motivates them to purchase your services.

The above is from the article I gave you.

That is all from me.

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Yes, i have read it once again though i went through it multiple times before. By audio, they mean voiceover or music? Thanks

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Please let me know about this. Also, asking about your opinion, should we add voice-overs in our gig our a video with background music? Thanks

No, the old one, which you later uploaded again. Once you remove old stuff, it’s no longer safe to use it again.

Then the best thing to do would be what @lloydsolutions suggests. Create a new gig with a completely new video.


Oh, wasnt aware of that. Understood just curious to find out that you have experimented this by re-uploading old stuff? But i wont do that just asking.

And yes, i will definitely make a new gig with a new video. Also i wanted to ask can i keep the description and faqs same or i should change that as well as there wasnt any problem with the description and faqs.
Thanks for the reply. Really helped it.

No, I haven’t. I’ve seen other sellers complaining that they have closed their accounts and opened new ones (with the permission from Customer Support, so all legit), and that their gig or profile images got denied because they’ve used them in their old accounts.

I don’t know.

It can be hard these days to tell if something will be fine or not. I guess that Fiverr wants to fight plagiarism, but they’re understaffed (and now, with the pandemic, that’s even worse), so they’re trying to automate stuff, and, well, you can see the results of that.

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Thanks for helping out. Really appreciate it. Why did sellers closed their accounts and opened new ones? Does it help in earning or what? I also read that fiverr encourages new seller for some time while the old ones are being less prioritized and the cycle goes on and on. Is this true?

Agree with you 100% on this.

They had their reasons. Usually those reasons are private.

Not really. It’s starting all over again.

New sellers get a temporary boost, to make it easier for them to get their first sales. After that, they’re on their own.

Constantly opening new accounts isn’t something you could build a business on, though. You’d keep losing all of your old clients and repeat buyers. Plus, even with the temporary boost that the new sellers get, there’s zero guarantee that they’d actually get any sales.


Thanks for telling. Sorry for the inconvenience and many questions. Few more though it’s not related to my original topic, you have answered those clearly. Had few more.

What do you mean by this?

How long does temporary boost last? Month, year or number of orders? Based upon your experience what do you think?

That by creating a new account you’re starting all over again. No old buyers, no reviews, nothing. Just like when you first started.

I have no idea.

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Thanks for telling. All cleared.