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Gig Denied for Paid review reason

Hi Guys…

I decided to create an unboxing and review gig. When I uploaded a sample video, the gig was denied with the following reason

“Reviews - We do not allow writing and posting of paid-for reviews. It is misleading and illegal in certain jurisdictions.”

The problem is, it wasn’t a paid review. How do I refute this and add the video? Or is there a way? Other than recording a different video and uploading that instead?


“Paid-for review” Yep, you are doing a paid review, people order your gig to review their product/ services, you don’t do it for free, you actually get paid.
That’s why Fiverr doesn’t allow ( I also don’t know why)

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I dont understand.

I created a gig for unboxing and reviewing. Similar to the tonnes of gigs already on Fiverr. I uploaded a sample review I did of a product I bought from Amazon. The video was denied for the reason set out above.

Fiver MUST allow people paying for unboxing and reviewing gigs, because there are lots up already.

It is only a matter of time before their gigs will be removed.

Paid reviews

Do not post, offer or ask for paid reviews, positive or negative feedback on any product, service or performance.

The above is from the Community Standards.

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But there are 60 of them, from people with a lot of feedback.'&source=top-bar&search_in=everywhere&search-autocomplete-original-term=unboxing'

Am I getting something wrong here?

I decided to create an unboxing and review gig

In the link, one them is even Fiverr’s choice and there are TRS there too.

Some of those in the link are unboxing and describing the features but they shouldn’t be (and may not be) reviewing the products (giving their opinion on it). It was probably the word “review” that got your gig denied.


Thanks for that input. Ill try reword it and try again, although it was pointed specifically at the video, even though ive checked out others and they are no different.

Check with CS whether what you want to create a gig for is allowed as that will be safer than just creating it. ie. check with them whether you can create an unboxing video and if so under what conditions (whether just saying the features of the product (but not your opinion) might be okay).

So check with them first I think so you don’t get a warning or denied gig.