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Gig denied for “Third Party TOS violation,” but don't know what is violating TOS

Hello. I created my first GIG on Fiverr about niche based email scraping many sellers are offering this service already on Fiverr but don’t know why my GIG has been removed they say that my GIG is violating third party term of use but they didn’t state what actually in my GIG is violation TOS either my pictures, description, or pdf file now I am quite confused what should I do? should I repost my this email scraping GIG by making some changes in it?


What site were you scraping? If it was LinkedIn they disallow scraping as far as I know in their terms of use or similar thing. Whatever site you were scraping, check the terms of use of that site.


Don’t do this.

Whatever the site, it doesn’t want people scraping for email addresses to sell and neither does Fiverr.

Fiverr is removing such gigs.

If you type “email scraping gig denied” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject.


Selling email addresses itself is a violation of the ToS.

It’s frustrating that so many sellers think this is okay. It’s so unethical and absurd.

No one wants their email to get spammed and no one wants their contact information sold and then get spammed by people who have bought it. Why don’t you see how wrong that is?


Why do you want to do email scraping? Think about it.

If your gig had been allowed, the result of your work would have likely been used to bombard hundreds of innocent businesses or individuals with spam.

Personally, I’m very glad Fiverr has denied your gig.


Thank you for your response i wasn’t aware of this thanks for making it clear to me

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Thank you for your response and advice