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Gig DENIED. How do I correct the problem for this gig?

New here, just finding my way around. I signed up for FIVERR to begin offering my time as a writer. when I realized what Fiverr was I saw a way to offer extra help. For a couple of years now I’ve been using a service occasionally to send e-mails to some very large double opt-in lists provided and updated regularly. These people expect us to send them offers, services and promo’s. I thought it would be an appropriate service to also offer here on fiverr as a gig. This would help me with the expense of the service I purchase, as well as open some doors for others to get their message out.

Management said my gig was flagged as inappropriate, illegal or spam. I don’t know who or where to go for help with this. I’d like to at least explain the e-mail process and see if there is a happy medium here. I am not a graphics artist and my first 2 submissions or updates were not approved due to something wrong with the graphic. So I proceeded to find a seller offering a gig that would make me a Gig Banner. While my gig was being “denied” was in the process of getting a banner produced by a seller here on fiverr. Very impressed with the work done. Now I have a banner for the gig, but no gig. Any possible solutions?

I am working last 4 years on Fiverr, so after APPROVED my first GIG “do home page design with PSD free” I was start work here.

In the last 4 years I was did so many hard work all days in week… but after 4 years the GIG goes denied, because the GIG details not correct… this is my main gig where my all works was coming. So in one day my all my GIG goes denied and my work goes stop this GIG.

That mean in 4year hard work result goes ZERO … so in feature if I do again hard work and make another GIG up then what will be guarantee it will be secure.

So I request to FIVERR please help me get edit my GIG “do home page design with PSD free” again and approved that… or I will be finished.