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GIG denied: how I will make my denied GIG active

I am working last 4 years on Fiverr, so after APPROVED my first GIG “do home page design with PSD free” I was start work here.

In the last 4 years I was did so many hard work all days in week… but after 4 years the GIG goes denied, because the GIG details not correct… this is my main gig where my all works was coming. So in one day my 4years GIG goes denied and my all works goes stop this GIG.

That mean in 4year hard work result goes ZERO … so in feature if I do again hard work and make another GIG up then what will be guarantee it will be secure.

So I request to FIVERR please help me get edit my GIG “do home page design with PSD free” again and approved that… or I will be finished.


Recommend you contact 5r customer support to see what happened and why.

Be patient and professional – Do NOT SEND multiple request. This will delay their response to you. Send one and wait.

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yes I contact with them and fiverr support centre reply me… first time they allow me rewrite details and I was done that… but there haven’t option edit Extras … after I rewrite gig details and submit they denied again against " I didn’t edit on Extras" … but as I told there haven’t show option edit Extras … so I request again allow me gig modification option and I will share what come … please help me for that… if you can contact will support team then it will more pleasure for me

gina_riley2… can you tell me address of the Fiverr office in USA then I will go there and talk with them direct.

gina_riley2 can you tell me is there Fiverr any option live chat with me via skype or any other way … then I can share my screen and talk with support center my problem goes resolve.

I can not contact 5r on your behalf. Logically speaking, what would I say to them? I do not know you, I’m just a forum user like you.

If 5r is saying your gig is against Tos or no longer acceptable, you’ll have to come up with something else you’re good at.

no you think I am working 4 years so have issue 5r can tell me the issue and how we resolve that tell me we can both solve this issue and make live like before. But 5r strictly denied and stop the GIG, what is the MOTO I don’t understand.

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The bottom line is we don’t work for Fiverr or have insider information. We are Sellers/Buyers, the people you need to engage in a conversation with is Fiverr Customer Support.

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Disco the OP needs your clever :crystal_ball: insight. :sunglasses:

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful



So taking a plane from India to their Offices in NY (it’s a branch actually) is the first thing you came up with as a course of action?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

no I will not go against fiverr… because it’s change my life and I didn’t saw like this work flow platform … I just want resolve my GIG issue and start it like before.