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Gig denied, list of words to avoid?

this morning I create a gig to sell online lessons…and few minutes ago it was denied for the following reason :

Your Gig requires modification - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities.

It is denied and I can’t modify it…so it is unavalable now.

It was super clear that I was selling language lessons, in anyway I proposed to make homework at the place of someone else…but I was offering for the premium version ,if requested, to give homework to do between one lesson and the other to improve a certain subject.

At this point I guess that has to be a list of words that we should avoid in our gig to get approved and avoid to be automatically discarded from the system.

Some one of you knows if it exist?I didin’t find it

Thank you in advance

As far as I know, there’s no such list (or it’s not available to public).

If there was, it could be used to circumvent the rules.

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You are right…I didn’t think about it!:roll_eyes:…I’m really naif!:grin:

Now the point is how to ùake active my denied gig :frowning:

I’m not in your field, so I have no experience with your subject.
That being said, I never understood how any lesson or tutoring could take place through Fiverr.

It;s against the TOS to contact anyone outside the system. You can’t Skype, email, Facebook, anything, with a buyer according to the terms of service. All you can do is chat through the Fiverr message system.

So it would seem the only “lesson” you could sell would be a pre-written book. In that case, just sell a book.

I think, just because these gigs exist, it just means they haven’t been taken down yet. Or CS is turning a blind eye.

Actually, tutoring via Skype is allowed, if you have the permission from Customer Support and follow their instructions (something like mentioning tutoring via Skype in the gig title, only exchanging the contact information on the order page, and possibly some other stuff, too).

@lidi_lontani Perhaps you could contact Customer Support, tell them exactly what you wish to provide, and ask for their advice?

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Wow, when I contacted them about the possibility of “live direction” over skype for voiceovers, they gave me a stern no.

I have a skype/live consultation gig (I only turn it on if needed for a client who’s already contacted me in regards to other work, so you can’t see it right now). On Fiverr, you’re allowed to share information if the gig requires it, and you must do it in the order itself. It helps in getting it approved by CS if you have Skype or similar in the title of the gig. It does mean that some buyers I have with complicated requests can give me direction in a conversation, but they have to pay for it now.

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  • I teach live classes online and also sell prerecorded tutorials I’ve made on other subjects.

  • @liquidlettuce Technology rocks! :guitar: There’s a brief explanation on how I do this in my gig description (but I can’t say which one or this post will get deleted).

  • Fiverr only allows exchanging Skype/hangouts details on the order form if it is necessary for the gig (in buyer requirements—not in messages and not in gig desciption).

  • The issue about not exchanging outside contact info is in order to avoid transactions outside of Fiverr taking place. But if it is required for the gig then it is Ok as long as all purchases are made through Fiverr.

  • I got the same message about homework. So I changed it to ‘assignments.’ [Although this isn’t the right word in this context, but I couldn’t think of any other way to put it. And every time I edit that gig, it disappears from the search for a while. So I let it be.]

  • Since the gig was denied, you gotta create a new one.

Tip: I used to say in a buyer requirement: 'What is your skype/hangout name.'
But some buyers would write it with a typo, or I couldn’t find them on Skype.

So I came up with a solution—in the req. I wrote my own skype name, then for the made a mandatory multiple choice answer.

Q:You will not be able to see this info again so be sure to copy/paste my ID and send a friend request. Please include your Fiverr profile name in the message request.

A: 1. I have saved your ID and have sent a friend request with my Fiverr profile name in the message
2. I have saved your ID and will send a friend request Fiverr profile name in the message after I place this order.

May :panda_face:


I got a feedback from CS. Anything denied needs to be written again from scratch :sweat:

So I wrote it again with every single suggestions you gave me!

Fingers crossed that now it is good enough!:grinning:

I just want to say thank you to all you, nice to be part of this community!