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Gig Denied no reason

This gig got denied for having “5 stars in gig image”

Here is before (obviously there are 5 stars):

Here is after as you can see above

Is it even done manually or what. Btw the other gig that was requiring modification in gig packages I just resubmitted without changing anything but this one is denied for having nothing changed…

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As TOS states, you can’t use any rating, stars, reviews in the thumbnails. You must also use your original photos, not from the internet.


Understood. And I edited them all out. I didn’t get denied at first.First they requested modification (explicitly said “Remove star rating from your gig image” or something like that about stars) and as you can see above I removed everything that wasn’t neccesary for my gig. And booom my gig gets removed

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Hmm. What about that 100% satisfaction badge at the top-right corner? It could also be a reason, because it acts as a “badge”. Any badges are also not acceptable on thumbnails.


That is the only possible reason I too can think off. But when you search for photoshop almost every gig on the first page got same or similar badge and loads more so I thought that is allowed.
Also 4 of my gigs got “Request modification” at once. Did someone report me or what brought them to me?

There is always a possibility that someone flagged you. Maybe they found something else that was inappropriate? Maybe someone found out that this photo is not original and taken from internet? Create thumbnail by yourself originally and you will not have any problems whatsoever.

Everything on this picture is made by me or free to use.
But 4 of my gigs got “reported not just this one”.

Simple, never use a download image as your display image. The satisfaction badge was the main reason fiverr flag your gig. You have to make your design from scratch.

I’m just interested in why me and how they found me. There are lots of more successful as much as less successful sellers and they decide to check all of my gigs. (Couple of them also containing this badge that is free to use)

On the other hand, he was marked for having 5 stars. I saw 10 stars, and once he removed the five on the left he still has five on the right, in the badge?

Damn there are stars in the badge :laughing: didn’t even notice it but if they count that as start rating or something then lol…
I have a right to guarantee satisfaction I guess

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Now, this sounds suspicions, one GIG OK, but all 4…

I am sorry but it does sound strange.

No, I don’t think so. He probably got flagged for having a badge in his thumbnail. As it says 100% satisfaction guaranteed, it could be less than 100% after a month. So it’s pretty much a little “advertisement” that he is better than others.

Deep deep deep down in my soul I want to suggest you to put five Sun’s on the picture.
You will have your five stars and no one will know. Since a very few knows Sun is a star, not planet.

But I AM not suggesting this!

Please do not flag me. :cold_sweat:

3 gigs actually but I’m pretty sure they requested it for the fourth too.
Nice idea about the sun :laughing:

Maybe just use a photo of cassiopeia constellation and remove the main stars. :smiley:


I might actually do something like this. At least I would be original :laughing: but I srsly like the idea

Schedar is one of my main stars I use for celestial navigation. How did you know?

But if he wants to be extra he could use the most beautiful amazing extra special and unique, the best constellation of them all, ORION.

Every night I have to look at him since it is so μαθηματικός beautiful.

Please don’t put Mathematical and Beautiful in the same sentence on the topic I made :upside_down_face:

Well, seems like a coincidence. :slight_smile: Love physics, particles, neutrinos and such staff…

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