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Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)

so i created 2 gigs one of them passes tho one of them was denied. The thing is its my own original artwork i am putting up so i dont see why it was straight up denied.
there was an incident tho yesterday i created two accounts accidentally and one them which was a seller had similar images so can that be why ? both of them are deactivated and now cant log in to them however

Duplicate accounts are one of the biggest TOS violations that are no-tolerance by Fiverr. I’m not sure how you can create a second account by accident, but customer service is not known to be lenient to persons appealing to them.

well i am not worried about that what i am worried about is that the images i used in the disabled account are perhaps sticking to it ? like i used them on the new account but its denying the gig altogether