Gig Denied - Orders still in Queue. WHAT DO I DO?


Hello, one of my gigs recently got denied but I still have orders in queue. Will I be able to complete these orders and still get paid?


Why was your gig denied? If you got an explanation from customer support to why your gig was denied I would suggest to try and fix the issue and resubmit your gig for approval.

If this is something you can’t fix I would recommend to reach out to custommer support and ask them about the excisting orders in queue.

Good luck!


Hello, If any order in progress then you need to deliver sure.

Gig is denied that means this gig is not be going to active again BUT you need to provide this work.

AND ask with customer support why your gig is denied. Thanks


Hi Sixsqaredca

  • I can help you more in this issue / situation if you explain more about your gig . why your gig is denied ?

  • Why this situation happened ?

  • About Your Orders : If your order are active that means you need to still work on that , more or less it’s depend on how type of services you providing . Your gig situation is very serious at this movement ( Based on your forum topic explanation ) . We can suggest you but can not save it from denied gig , one place can handle this situation and that is Customer Support !

  • If you are 100% fair then you need to contact customer support , attached prof that you are fair . screenshots , video explanation can be attached in customer support and they will help you.

Note : i am suggesting you as a seller , i am not from fiverr customer support. :slight_smile: