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Gig denied - orders still in the gig - over an image - support ignoring my messages


Hi there,

I hope I’ve put this in the right place (Ranting pot seems appropriate!).

I’m a level two seller and I only sell writing, completely original writing, fiction and non-fiction.

I’ve not had a single problem in two years. Then just recently, I started a few new gig, added images etc.

Then I got quite a large order from a customer needing a book written. Happy days, right?

Then the next day, I get a message on the top of the screen saying “Your gig will be ready once you have made some slight changes.” It listed what could “possibly” be wrong like “copyright” etc but no concrete advice.

At the bottom of the gig edit screen it still said “Save and Continue” so I thought okay, fair enough, I’ll save it for now and then go and edit the image to include creative commons and attribution notice etc as well as adjust the size and add some text.

Well, once I pushed that button, it sent it right back to them to recheck. Within 5 minutes, they denied it and that was it. No more options to edit the gig, or make up for my mistake. Just WHAM. Offline.

Now my problem with this is:

  1. Why wait until my gig has an order of a couple hundred dollars before denying it?
  2. Why not give three chances to edit the image and get it right if you aren’t going to be specific about the problem?
  3. Why has it been well over 72 hours and I’ve still not heard anything back despite the fact that it took 5 minutes to deny the gig. Why so long to help when so quick to cut down?
  4. The order is still up but I still have no idea (despite sending a query) if once I’ve done the work the money will actually still be paid to me, considering the gig is in “denied” status.
  5. My customer has also sent a message stating his concern yet within a day, he received a message saying I had probably suspended the gig due to work overload which is very far from the truth as they know.
  6. Why the sudden check and why in the midst of a large order when in two years I’d never had a check?
  7. Will they suddenly jump on anymore of my gigs whilst they are filled with orders?
  8. Why can’t they take 2 minutes to simply say, “No, we can’t allow a second chance but you will still get your money. Best Regards …” ? Why is it so hard?

    Please, if anyone knows anything about this problem or can relate, I’d appreciate some advice on what to do here.

    As it is, I’ve recreated the gig, used the same image but made it so that there is nothing wrong with the image at all and come up with a solution with my buyer but I’m still feeling lost here and shocked at the silence I’ve been greeted with.




It’s a little quiet here too it seems…

Back to the drawing board then.



I had a similar problem. They denied my account creation gig with “infringing upon their intellectual property rights”. Well, I think they will deny gigs with hundreds of perfect 5 star rating and with load of orders.
It just frustrating as ever!