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Gig Denied! Pisses me off!

So some guy wrongly accused me of plagarism, and refused to listen after I tried to reason with him, and even offer to completely change the article he ordered if there was a huge issue, but to no avail. I gave him a full refund despite the order already being completed just because I don’t want to deal with attacks on my person.

Two days later, Fiverr tells me that it denied my writing gig that I had twelve 5 star reviews on, that was 100% original in how it was written and everything. Nobody asked me for my evidence that I didn’t do it. None of my side of the story, or evidence that numerous plagarism checkers that prove my innocence. But my gig is now gone. How the hell is this fair?! I can just accuse my competition of something and all of a sudden they get a third party copyright violation to their account and their popular gig removed? Seriously?

There is no evidence that I did anything wrong. They didn’t mention anything is the “reasons why” they took my gig offline outside of the usual crap. If it wasn’t for that one guy literally telling me he was going to fiverr with a complaint, I would be out of the loop in what the heck I did wrong.

I am pissed. I sent a message to Customer Support, and am awaiting a reply. This is the exact reason why I am trying out other freelancing sites.


I’m so sorry to hear this Lucy! I know how it feels to be accused of plagiarism, but luckily I have managed on the few occasions so far to show buyers exactly why they are wrong. - Usually, they are downloading cheap and nasty software which identifies everything as plagiarized.

That Fiverr has simply denied your gig on hearsay, though, is horrendous. ESPECIALLY since they aren’t removing genuine scam/illegal gigs.

I really hope that this gets resolved in your favor, as you are one of the very few new(ish) sellers who has come to Fiverr with an obvious determination to do make the most out of the platform even if that takes time.

I’m so sorry, Lucy. Everything I can cross is crossed for you.


Thank-you a ton for your support! Sadly, since it was denied, they can’t reinstate the gig. That’s a 12 5-star review gig with several dozens of dollars a month that I got from income and tons of orders and impressions, suddenly just vanished. I had to remake the whole gig from the ground up.

It just sucks as I work so hard, and rely on Fiverr to help me pay rent and bills and become a full-time freelancer. I just want to make a living doing what I love. This is a passion for me. I enjoy this

Let’s just say that today has not been a good day. Thanks a ton for your support though, it makes my day a little better. :slight_smile: You’re awesome!


Well, I kind of owe you a bit, Lucy. In one of your posts a while back, you referenced a news-based freelance site and I’ve since put it in my marketing tool bag. Basically, I’m now writing a few killer news articles per week, publishig them there and giving out links to people asking to see examples of my work. You might want to think about doing the same :). Also, it’s a pretty cool way to start fine tuning and experimenting with writing better SEO articles.

P.S. I’m not mentioning the name here as that might be frowned upon. I’m sure you know whih one I mean though.

I really hope that your new gig doesn’t take long to start drawing in new buyers. It sucks that you can’t reinstate your old one but freelancing and Fiverr really isn’t without its set backs. Let’s just hope that this is the only serious set back you are going to have from here onwards.

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It makes me wonder if the staff person who reviewed it somehow decided that the cancellation was equal to an admission of having copied/plagiarized something. Messy situation for sure. :expressionless:


I know which one you are talking about :slight_smile: I like using that site when I have significant downtime. It helps to get a small little extra while you wait for new orders. Luckily, I have had a pretty steady number of orders on here, so I’ve been good lately.

I am hoping the new one gets popular soon too, thankfully I have a large variety of gigs, so losing just one is not THAT damaging to my bottom line. I am glad I was able to be of help to you :slight_smile:

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Agreed. There were many potential factors, so this is a very complicated mess… hopefully it’s more smooth sailing from here on.

I don’t think Fiverr CS would deny a gig just because a buyer complained about plagiarism. Yes, plagiarism should be avoided at all costs, but there should be some other reasons behind this denial :thinking: