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Gig denied, please help!

I just edited my gig and added “for cheap” at the end. I also added “cheap” as a tag in the search tags. Then i see that my gig is denied?! I worked so hard on my one and only gig for 3 months and i almost have 50 reviews and ill be seller level 2 almost! I’m panicking because it says i can only delete the gig and not edit it. I contacted fiverr support and hope to get a response asap because im losing a lot of customers at this time because the thing i do is really needed right now. I’ve been able to buy myself a really good pc with fiverr and was saving up for a VR headset but if i lose all my reviews and start fresh i won’t get any orders! :sob: can fiverr support edit my gig?

if you edit after activation of any gig without image file your gig will be denied.

Yes, i did activate my gig not a while ago, so you’re saying if i don’t put a new image as the thumbnail it’ll be denied? Is this a glitch and if so can the support team handle it?

No, I didn’t mean that. I mean you can only able to change your gig thumb after activation.
if you edit any kind of information that you have given your gig will be denied.

I see, but how can I get my gig back? I’ve worked so hard on it i don’t want to lose it please :sob: . Support replied with an automated message and it didnt help at all! I’m gonna cry if my gig gets deleted it was so hard to get where i got it to.

it really feels bad. but i don’t have any solution about this. contact with support as more as you can.
i hope it will be fix soon.

Ok, i will. Do you know if they will reply after i replied to the automated message or should i make a new gig?

I think you should make a new one because they already have given an alert about this in the terms and condition section. But you can wait for their reply. It all depends on you.

try to contact with them. lot of reviews means a lot in this platform. if they says nothing to do than create a new one.