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Gig Denied - Please Help!

My best selling gig was denied yesterday!

I got an email from Support team saying: “This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.”

In the gig status, it says “Video Denied.” >> Why? I have created the video myself, using PowerPoint and used free YouTube background music.

If there is a problem with the video, should I not be asked to remove it, as they do when I upload a profile video? The gig was directly denied!
I have raised a request with Fiverr Help but have not received any response yet. Can anyone help me and suggest what do I do now?

It is my best selling gig and with this gone, gone are all the ratings and reviews I achieved till date. This is very heartbreaking. Please guide! Please help!!

Maybe you added a logo or graphics which you didn’t have the rights for?

Someone complained that you used something that was copied. Customer support won’t give you details and without being able to see the gig and video we can’t tell you what was wrong with it.

There were only two logos in my video. 1 was my own and 1 of Fiverr, where I wrote exclusively on Fiverr - that’s it! Rest all were text written on PowerPoint. What can go wrong in there?



But if the Support Team does not tell me what the problem was, how would I rectify it?

Besides, if there is a problem in the video, let them remove/flag the video - why is the entire Gig taken down?

There was no problem with the video when I uploaded it and the gig ran just fine for 5 months! What happened suddenly?

That’s the best gig I had and with it, all my reviews are also gone. I am sure you would know how much these reviews matter for budding sellers like me, here on Fiverr. I have worked a lot to get each of these reviews and each were genuine and most were fabulous, talking about my work - Priceless, in one word!

I have always tried to do all the things according to the Fiverr Terms. Then, why do I have to face this? I am so disappointed! It is 1:30 AM and I can’t sleep!!

No response from the Support Team as yet…

Was the music royalty (copyright) free? If the music wasn’t royalty free, that means you don’t have permission to use it.

What happened suddenly was that someone complained.

What part of your gig was not created by you?

Yes - I have taken the Music from YouTube repository of free music which I used to make my YouTube videos also. That should be free to be used, right? I can remove/change that if they say I cannot use it. But there were no mention of this while I uploaded the video.

This is a very good point. I will have to check with the support.


Someone complained - I understand! And that has been the problem. I am trying to find out what was reported.

The entire gig was created by me - from start to finish, including the video and photos and the description and every other thing.

However, with the previous comment from @hanashivoice I can tell you that the music I used in the video was not created by me. I have taken free music from YouTube which I also use in the videos of my YouTube channel as well.

Is that a bad thing to do? Is that what I am not supposed to use? If yes, I will surely remove that, but please do not deny my gig.

A few things that come to mind:

What did your video say, exactly?

Did you use the graphics you made yourself (not taken from internet and modified, but made from scratch)?

What did your gig description say, exactly, and what were you selling with that gig?

Since the gig is gone and not coming back just make another one.

Since you made everything yourself except the music make it the same way only without the music.

There is very likely clip art that you used on your image. If that’s the case you will get taken down. Art and music are both copyrighted things in the state. If you are for certain the images are royalty free and not just randomly found on google then you are ok.

My android app reviews gig is denied.
After denied i made this again bt again its denied now can anyone help me to tell why my gig is denied

@samdercy Is it working now? Did you get it resolved? Are you still able to sell reviews on Fiverr?

@stdwares: if you take a look at samdercy’s profile, you’ll see that he’s no longer selling on Fiverr.

Looks like he is. Delivered a day ago.

Hi buddy,
Same has happened to me… I have also made everything from scratch but the video of my best selling gig has been denied after a month… And the customer support is just giving scripted replies…

I am not sure @abdul980 why it is so. Please keep asking them to point out to the exact issue so that you can rectify.

Maybe the moderators here can give you a hint or two.

My issue has been resolved now… They told me that i have sold reviews via that gig… That was correct and thus i started from scratch again…
Anf after that i haven’t got any orders till date…