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Gig denied plz help asap

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Do not steal logos. That is why your gig was flagged. You were selling a mash-up

of two famous company’s gigs for $600. That is against Fiverr TOS as it is an infringement on the property of a third party.

Yes, the gigs of honest logo sellers who make logos of their own and do not steal others’ logos. (Okay, I will admit that not all of the stealers get caught. But when they do, they lose their gigs.)

Start by reading the TOS found at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. They were what

you were supposed to read before you ticked the :black_square_button: box that said you agreed to TOS.

Fiverr promotes professional work, and if you copy logos from third-party companies, you are not professional.

It seems they have at least one reason, and if you continue to break the rules, they will have more. All it takes is three lesser mistakes or one big one to lose your account.

And this post was written by a PROUD GRANDMA! :older_woman:t2: