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GIG - denied recovery

Hi everyone. My gig is denied for the reason. I have no idea why? and an interesting/strange thing is that it denied two times while I haven’t created the gig again. how can I report this issue and get my gig back?

“Reviews - We do not allow writing and posting of paid-for reviews. It is misleading and illegal in certain jurisdictions”.

I’ll appreciate your sincere guidance and help. Thanks in advance.

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I’m curious why you think you could get a gig back that is offering something that fiverr does not allow, and has told you it does not allow?


It will not go through. Fiverr no longer allow gigs that offer reviews of any kind.

I provide summary to the authors here on the fiverr not the other website posting

Fiverr doesn’t allow sellers to write reviews.

ok. thank you very much for your response