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Gig denied storm - Is Fiverr going to banned lead generation?

I do not send any email, I am just a researcher. All of my works are limited to Excel.

@didaralam274 do you think at least I have right to know which platform TOS I’m violating? Can they send me at least an email that they are getting complaints about my gig? Or they will remove anything whenever anyone complains against anyone? I always believe Fiverr getting stronger, they don’t have to fear others threat. “sooner or later the truth always comes out”.

Yes but simply compiling lists is not allowed on fiverr.

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Really?? Maybe magic also not allowed here.

I wouldn’t know about that. I don’t do magic.

You’re welcome for the assistance. :slight_smile:

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I don’t do magic.

But aren’t spells magic? Or do the spell gigs not have anything to do with magic?

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I don’t discuss that here. It’s off topic.


This how i got back my own gig!


Share the movie please…!

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I had a longstanding gig removed. I went back to CS and they reinstated is immediately. It was reported by a fellow seller. They wouldn’t tell me why it was removed OR why it was reinstated. Strange workings…

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So what happens now that, Fiverr started removing many lead generation related gigs? No warning, no editing opportunity; they just throwing our hard working gig just like a garbage and of course no proper explanation from CS

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You are lucky but they told me, “I apologize for the inconvenience, however, I’m afraid Gig denials are final and denied Gigs can not be reinstated.”

You need to proved that or make a point that your service did not violated any 3rd party TOS. Even, i personally think that this kind of service kind of spam over online (No offense )

Wow. That’s harsh. Mine was a couple of months ago.

Same Here!! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Same to me :frowning: really, Is Fiverr going to banned lead generation?

For me, it has happened many times. Even just a few hours ago one of my best gigs were also removed. The bitter aspect of it is that they removed my best selling gig. I simply can’t understand.

Hello there,
I think Fiverr has it’s own right, okay.
But, few problems are facing on this gig.
If any seller can’t provide Lead Generation service, who is best for Lead Generating. Then, Fiverr have to denied all of the gig’s of this keyword in the same time.
I also a seller of Lead generation.
When my Lead Generation gig has been denied by fiverr’s TOS, then every gig of this keyword (Lead generation) has broke the fiverr’s TOS.
Then, why my gig has been denied.
I think, Rules is rules for every one.
Thanks to being here.


but i saw some lead gen gig created in march 2018 and they are selling well

This post is very helpful for all freelancer :star_struck:

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