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Gig denied then account restricted, AGAIN


I am having the worst week ever on Fiverr.

About 3 weeks ago my account got restricted because I delivered orders without an attachment, but it was by mistake because the system didn’t attach it.

Took about 2 days but they released my account, fine.

Then this past Saturday (5 days now) my gig got denied stating that I didn’t add commercial rights - not true! I had commercial rights, but somehow got deleted off my account. THEN, today, my account gets restricted AGAIN saying I had too many warnings (same warnings as last time).

WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!? I keep getting assigned to new support agents and all of them tell me that they can’t give me any more information and that they are looking in to it.

I feel like they are targeting me and punishing me for some reason. I have over 3000 reviews and am a level 2 seller. I’m stressing out over here, does anyone have any advice or words of encouragement before I lose my mind!!!

Thanks in advance.



The only advice i can give is you should write a formal email stating exactly your points.

You need to trust them to provide you with a fair service, but you should also make sure you raise your points and provide proof etc.


I think the delivery button has some glitch at times, Wednesday last week I submitted an order not knowing the delivery button did not attach it and which I successfully think I did… Thank God the buyer was very understanding as he immediately infomed me he didn’t see any delivery… I was scared, so I sent him the file again…

Fiverr is not targeting you, everything seems like a coincidence… The bot at times misbehave and misunderstand some certain things… You need to calm down for them as it is not advisable to keep spamming them with multiple messages…